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RealSense Pro H, with GPS Lock, taking off from car



I have noticed comments in various posts relative to vehicles, metal objects, etc. and GPS and compass operation interference. Here is a short video, no edit, with my H RealSense Pro taking off from the hood of my car. Even with large oak trees all around, it locked GPS at 16 Sats in about 4 or 5 minutes. No compass warnings and the green arrow pointed at me. Using Angle mode, RealSense off.

No I did not land back on the car, although I could have. One interesting thing is that when I lowered the drone just above the car to hover, it very slowly rose a couple feet. Repeated this twice with same results. The OA switch was off the entire time, so the IPS probably did this.

Below the video are two pics, reduced in size. One before takeoff and the other while the RS Pro hovered above the car.
Two-H's-Mustang-10-22-16.jpg Two H's No Fly Zone-10-22-16.jpg

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