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Recording video length on Typhoon 4k

Dec 9, 2015
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Anyone run across their videos only recording 5 min max? Example: Say on a 8 to 12 minute flight, I will get the first five (exactly), then for the rest of the flight video....its hit and miss as far as when it picks up recording again, at no specific time length. They are split up into different files. I have tried 4 separate flights. I have all up-to-date firmware. Obstacles are not an issue. I have tried 2 different video settings but ant remember which ones other than they were 4k and hd60. Any help would be appreciated, Thank You.
That's normal. The video files are saved at 5 min intervals. Unless you stop recording before the 5 min mark. Then you'll end up with a less than 5 min file.
Mine does the same thing at times shutting off, but also stays running too, sometimes over seven minutes.
So I always pay attention and watch the video counter around the four min. mark.

It's not a bad thing if you are aware of it that this happens.
Downloading smaller clips to movie software takes less time. You are going to edit anyway.
Just pay attention to the more important footage, so you know you are recording it.
Thank you for the replies. You saved me a lot of time trying to google all possibilities. It seems odd though. Maybe an update can fix it.? We'll see.
Thank Fleamac. What I should have asked was; do you stop the video before the 5 minutes, which assumedly saves a "file", then restart another video to form the next "file"
Thank Fleamac. What I should have asked was; do you stop the video before the 5 minutes, which assumedly saves a "file", then restart another video to form the next "file"

I just took mine out for a first flight on two batteries. After packing it up and getting it home, I pulled the card, dropped all seven video files on my desktop. I have a dual boot Mac, so I opened my SONY Vegas Pro video editor (Win 7,) dropped them all back to back in the timeline. They all look fine.
The point where they split at five minutes picks up perfectly at the next five minute block. So, if you are hoping to post your flights online, you will be able to seamlessly render them and see no "slice" evidence. They match perfectly.

The reason, I'm guessing, is that the camera has an internal storage of five minutes, then when it finishes the five minute block, it transfers the file to the card. Much like my NIKON P510 handheld records all video and frame rates to 28 minute lengths because it's internal storage is no bigger, even though I use an Eye-Fi card, SIM equipped which allows it to transfer to my Mac and the Cloud wirelessly. The camera has a temporary storage limit and I think the CGO3 copter camera has a limit as well.

I hope this helps.
You can always merge the videos later using quicktime player:). It is seamless, easy and free. But with 4k video after the merging it is downgraded to 1080p unfortunately. I am using a $40 software to merge 4k video without quality loss. I tried to find a free one online to no avail.

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