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Reference Helps: How-to Videos, Manuals, Flight Check List

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Here are several Help items to help Newbies or anyone as general reference. All three Moderators helped create this. Thanks to Captain Drone for permission to use the videos.

Your Typhoon H comes with a micro sd card. This contains operational info you can read on your computer or on the ST16 tablet. If you are unfamiliar with these cards, be careful when inserting or removing them.

#1: Calibrations
Note: Although this video does not show it, Compass Calibrations can be done with the camera removed, making the craft easier to turn and removing the danger of camera damage. Press the release tab while sliding the Gimbal straight out.

After Compass Cal, carefully slide the camera back on and remove the cover before the other calibrations. Check the Gimbal elec. tabs first to make sure none are stuck down.

Captain Drones video on Calibration

#2: Firmware Updates
Captain Drones video on installing firmware updates

#3: The Yuneec Ver. 1.1 Manual
http://download.yuneec.com/manuals/manual/Typhoon H/TYPHOON-H-USER-MANUAL-V1.1.pdf

#4: The Yuneec Quick Start RealSense Pro Manual
(see PDF file below)

#5: How to access ST-16 telemetry files and copy to memory card
How to access Telemetry Data on ST16

#6: Typhoon H Flight Check List
You can print it out 4" X 6" and laminate or print however you wish. Just a basic list you can modify to suit your needs.
(see PDF file below)


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This is a good demo of using the kill button if you are having trouble landing especially when wind is involved. Don't try this over 3' above the ground. Only bump the button to descend. After you are about a foot high then hold down the button to complete the landing and immediately shut off the motors.



They say seeing is believing. Some know that is not necessarily always the case. However, there are no tricks in this video, no cuts, no jumps. Nothing new here, just an attempt to clarify information already out there.

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