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Removing a Damaged Battery

Jan 27, 2017
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I had my Typhoon H jump into the air on take-off to about eight to twelve-feet into the air and sail with the wind, which had increased to about 14 mph. Before I could get the Typhoon back on the ground it collided with an antique, multi-row plow; battery end first. Needless to say, the Typhoon suffered significant damage by hitting the steel, and sharp-edges plow at about fourteen miles per hour.

The damage to the Typhoon included removing the battery's lift-able lever from the front of the battery, leaving the battery locked in the aircraft. Since the battery was almost fully charged, I was reluctant to ship the Typhoon to Yuneec's Repair Center due to possibility that the Typhoon's battery might catch-fire while being shipped. Neither I, nor Yuneec, should be exposed to the possible disaster that the battery catching-fire while in-transit could cause; per hover-board and the Samsung S7 Note battery fires.

However, Yuneec's customer support agent(s) refused to provide me with instructions on methods to remove, or to partially disassemble the aircraft in order to remove, the damaged battery. Fortunately, the staff at the hobby-shop I purchased the Typhoon from, discovered how to safely remove the Typhoon's battery! The battery removal procedure for my situation follows.

The battery's front-face is a hinged-lever that pushes-down on the battery's metal, coiled-spring latch when the battery's face is raised from its in-flight position. In the following photograph, that latch is a black piece that is directly above the text ("! Please close the handle before take-off.") on the battery's internal-face.


Without the battery's front-face, the latch can be moved towards the text on the battery, using your finger-nail or small, flat-blade screw-driver to "grab" the surface on the latch by the spring, and pressing it towards the referenced text.

That releases the battery from the Typhoon H, enabling it to be manually grabbed and slid-out of the aircraft.

Not "rocket science" but a useful thing to know for someone that doesn't want to risk further breaking something.

Once the battery was removed, the Typhoon H was successfully shipped to the repair center.


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The 3rd party "battery trays" have to be removed the same way. Not as neat as the stock battery, but nothing difficult about it.
Glad you found the solution.:)

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