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RTH Accuracy

How accurate has your Typhoon H been in regards to returning to home?

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Really varies. But no more than about 20'. Closest its come was 5 feet...
I test RTH every once in awhile and it sometimes is from 5 to 10 feet but usually around 20 or so. If it is coming down to
close to a tree or uneven ground I take control to move it over some. I usually take control anyway on the last 15 ft or so
It has landed on its own very well I must say, but as you know it coming down faster until the last couple feet.
Gives you a rush thinking it will slam onto the ground.
Before this last firmware update, it was closer to five but I really haven't let it land after this last firmware .
I leave the legs up, it stops and hovers some 5-7' above ground. Then I use Angle and land it where I want. It's usually 15' away.
It kept coming down a bit harsh, so after the first three rather inaccurate RTH landings, I just started landing it myself. It did seem to manually land smoothly.

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