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Rubberized Switch covers

Apr 21, 2016
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Just noticed that in some videos of the ST16, on some units, the switches: Landing gear, camera controls, rth, etc are bare metal, and some are rubberized. Did I overlook something in the packaging? Mine are bare metal.
All mine came rubberized , glad they came that way. Much better in my opinion than what you r describing. Sounds like they ran out of switches. Hummm

In Texas was shipped from Calif.
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I had noticed that also, but thought it was the difference between UK and everyone else? UK having the rubberized switches.
In the UK and without the rubberised switches, its a small thing but the rubberised switches would give a better finish. I guess they ran out. Not sure on the logistics of adding the rubber at a later date,
As part of my emergency safety procedures I picked up a useful tip. On my present TX I have red shrink rubber on RTL to indicate which switch to operate if I am incapacitated for some reason.My spotter is briefed that this is the switch to bring the machine back.
Just for a data point mine are also metal. Ordered from Amazon in the US. I like the metal so I am fine with it. Looks shiny.. ;)

The only thing I think is weird is all the switches are 3 way switches but only select 2 things except the flight mode switch. Guess it was easier for them to do that.
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Metal switches on mine just got it Saturday have not had a chance to fly yet due to weather.
Right out of the box I snapped the lever off of the OAS switch. The switch still functions but its too difficult to use it so I'm just ignoring it for now. Have to be pretty delicate with these things. Any leads on replacement switches?
Sweden, and preordered from UK...
-Received two days ago and mine are metal also.

--Anyone searched and found some rubber "slip-on" covers?
plastic switches here (aka metal appearance like most other brands)... ordered from Horizon Hobby.

If you view the getting started video on the SDcard, it's rubberized. And it looks cylinder vs flat swtiches too. I think they went cheaper/standard as they ramped up production.

What I've done in the past is either rubberized heat shrink or heat shrink end caps. Does the job well.

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