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Sd card,

Jul 1, 2016
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Is a 128 gb sdcard to large for the typhoon h camera.I had trouble recording to it and when it does it's corrupted.
You don't mention the make or class of memory card you are trying to use, as far as I'm aware the camera can use up to a 128gb memory card.

I only use a 64gb memory card and works perfectly with a specification:-

Sandisk Extreme Micro SD (SDXC) Card
Class 10 - U3
Write Speed 40MB/s
Read Speed 90MB/s

You should be aware that there are a lot of knock off clones of well known memory cards about that are absolute rubbish, my advice only buy from a known reputable dealer.

To test your card is a genuine card and has all the right specification as expected, there is a small free program that can be used to check your memory card or usb stick called h2testw 1.4
Here's a link that has four programs including the one I mentioned and use myself. 4 Tools to Test and Detect Fake or Counterfeit USB Flash Drives • Raymond.CC
I have flown my Typhoon H RS 5 times with a samsung 64gb sd card, the first couple of flights it was great. Then one or two of the videos were corrupt and others on the same sd were fine. last flight all five videos were corrupt! I phoned Yuneec tech support and they were very nice, the guy said to use a smaller sd card because the 64 gb is too big and was surprised it had be used successfully on previous occasions. I am yet to try a smaller card how ever a friend of mine has the same drone and sd cards we bought together and it works fine. I explained this to yuneec guy and he said if a smaller card doesn't work then i can send them the camera to test.
If the card is a good one, 16 to 128gig cards generally work fine for camera work in class 10 or U3. Formatting helps. I prefer a 32 to 64 to avoid storing too many videos and photos on one and since I download the files after a day's flying there's no need for a mega storage card. I also don't lose as much product if I lose a card, which has happened. The only corrupt video files I've obtained occurred when I forgot to stop a video before landing. For firmware upgrades you want to always use a 16gig card, especially for a -16 upgrade, so save the one that came with your bird.

A lot of people go on line and search for the cheapest card they can find on E-Bay and Amazon, paying no attention to the brand. They often get what they pay for. There are a lot of cheap cards that start life deficient in many ways, just as their are counterfeits and those that lie about storage capacity. There are some goods deals out there but those are outnumbered by those that are crap to begin with.
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I have had corrupt files, always a video, on 3 different cards the 16gb that comes with it, the sandisk 64gb that came with my autel and the other 64gb that also came with my Autel.

I have reformatted them all in the H and am sticking with the Sandisk, not had a corrupted one lately, not sure if there is a certain something that causes it or not.
see the attached picture file , it helped me to buy for my situation of doing video. Bob


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