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SOLD - ITELITE Range Extender Antenna for Typhoon H - NIB - $75 (Typhoon H Sold)

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May 28, 2016
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I am selling my Typhoon H. I have had it for a little over a week and put 8 flights on it. I bought it thinking that it would replace my Inspire 1 for a lot of what I do, but it turns out that I prefer the Inspire 1 even though it sometimes is a little more cumbersome. Unfortunately, I bought the Typhoon H from a retailer that does not allow returns, so I am out of luck there. I also bought the ITELITE range extender antenna from MAXXUAV and I will include that with the sale. The antenna arrived in the mail this morning and has not even been taken out of the box.

I still have all original parts, packaging, inserts, etc. Everything is 100% functional and in like-new condition with the exception of the bottom of the plastic camera casing which has a few small scratches on it. These were my fault and happened when I removed the camera gimbal outside and set down on the ground to perform a compass calibration. The damage is very minor and I only point it out for the sake of full disclosure. The Typhoon H flies great and I had ZERO problems with it during the eight flights I put on it. On the longest flight, I took it out to about 3800 feet with no cutouts. The 4K and 1080p video from the camera is very sharp and the gimbal performs fantastically. I will post photos of everything this evening.

I am new on these forums but have sold many items in the past through ebay. My user ID there is creighton1. I have also sold many RC helicopter related items through the runryder.com classifieds. My used ID there is creightoncarr.

I am asking $1100 for the Typhoon H with the Wizard and the ITELITE antenna. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here or PM me. I live in the Houston, TX area, and a local buyer would be preferred. However, I am also willing to ship with the buy paying only the actual shipping charges.

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So tempting, I'm also in the Houston area. You don't need a Specialized mountain bike as part trade do you :)
I sold the Typhoon H. The only thing left is the DBS ITELITE Range Extender Antenna. It is new in box, never opened. I will sell for $75 shipping (priority mail).
There are pics of the antenna in the original post. If you would like additional pictures, please tell me what else you would like to see. The antenna is still new in box. Thanks.
I work in Houston and live in conroe, can buy the antennas today if you like
started a conversation and left my cell have cash in hand for them.
I apologize. I sold the antenna last week and did not update the classified listing. Both items are now sold.
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