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The bottom line on geo tagging.

Apr 27, 2016
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Sorry if this has been answered, but doing a search didn't result in anything.

So does the H produce geo tags or not?
I don't know if it's relevant but all my jpg images have a gps coordinate.

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Here's my image properties from a recent image taken on my H (I'm using GIMP to view/edit my images)

When I open the Image in GIMP I get an Error "corrupt jpeg data 170 extraneous bytes before marker 0xdb"

As you can see something is up with some of the DATA for example, it appears to me as if the date for the GPSLatitudeRef is being labeled InteroperabilityIndex and GPSLatitude is being labeled InteroperabilityVersion, Also the Altitude appears to be in meters even though my settings are set to feet.

I have been using Maps Made Easy and Qgis with success (the images are stitched correctly and "real world" correct although I have to shoot Ground Control Points and adjust elevations to match real world, using the default elevation from the Images always yields a negative number.)

I submitted this to Yuneec CS on 12/13/16 Case #24482

On 1/5/2017 I got this response"

Thank you for your recent contact with Yuneec's customer support department. This message is to inform you that your case #24482 was closed and resolved with the following solution: “”.

LOL, The letter went on to say " If you feel this is incorrect, please call us at 844-898-6332 and reference your case number. We will reopen your case and ensure we provide a complete resolution."

I thought I'd post here and see if anybody else could shed some additional light before I re-open the case.
Here's my image properties from a recent image taken on my H (I'm using GIMP to view/edit my images)...

I checked with a jpg of my own on GIMP and showed the same problem, but checked it also in an external exif viewer and GPS info was correct. It could be an issue with gimp itself. I checked at Jeffrey Friedl's Image Metadata Viewer

Also I can confirm that for some reason the altitude shows in negative in some mapping software, I've had to manually adjust it, but this only happens when using .jpg, when saving it raw .dng altitude shows correctly.
Thanks @JulesTEO, for the info and link! Even when the Exif Data is viewed using Jeffrey Friedl's Image Metadata Viewer the Elevation is negative and in meters.

Is your elevation data correct?

You are welcome! For some reason when saving .jpg the elevation is also saved negative, but in .dng it is not. o_O
Im still runing old firmware, though, so I don't know if it has been fixed in recent updates.

As for the units, I believe they are always saved in meters following the WGS84 coordinate system (someone else must know much more about this than me). So you cannot really change the units they're saved and should convert as needed.


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