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The FAA has a pre Pt.107 test on their website. Good info for rec pilots as well!

Dec 26, 2017
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Stockton, California
I've been reading a bunch of threads here and on other forums/facebook pages regarding the upcoming changes for rec flyers. After doing some research I have concluded that not much is really going to change until mid 2020 with the possibility of an online test. If you are Part 107 just keep doing what you are doing as far as contacting ATC or submitting for a waiver, for work near airports or a daylight waiver, until congress gets these changes passed. As I said this probably won't go into effect until mid next year at the earliest! I would assume the requirements for the hobbyists test would be similar to the info below.
Set up an account at Safer Skies Through Education - FAA - FAASTeam - FAASafety.gov so you can access the link to follow.
Currently the FAA has a "Free Test" on their FAA Safety Team site (FASTeam) that is named Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (small UAS) Initial. It is good information even if you don't plan to fly for profit. Once you complete it successfully you will receive a "Certificate of Achievement" that you passed the FAA Safety Team Part 107 SUAS course. Great little ID to have If someone challenges you while flying for recreational purposes.
I did this a couple of years ago and it got me familiar with the basics involved to pass my Pt. 107 test.
Also in the works, as these laws come into effect, is a system that would allow rec flyers instant permission or denial, (lol) via an app in development to fly in controlled airspace. (near an airport etc.) Not a fan of BIG GOV. but always best to be a step ahead of them!


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May 1, 2016
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N. California
That test is the one used by “current” full scale pilots to obtain a 107 rating. They do not need to take a 107 aeronautical knowledge test. If a full scale pilot is not current they have to take the 107 aeronautical knowledge test just like all the non pilots do.

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