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Typhoon H - 920 Super Plus

May 13, 2016
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Sakhalin island, Russia
Hi guys!
Hi pilots!
I did not find a similar topic here, so I hasten to share joy!

Now you do not need third-party programs like the UAV Toolbox or CCC editor...!

We look first -

I'll do a full video review later, this is a review of my friend.

Now with words - How to do this?

1. Insert the SD card
2. Go to the menu Select Model
3. Choose your model and export settings to the SD card
4. Remove the SD card and open in PC the file manifest.csv Change text
type 401 to 403
5. Insert the SD card into the control panel, go into the PAD settings-backup and reset and reset to the factory settings.
6. After installing Android, go to the menu select the model and create a new model. You can give it a name (like me) Typhoon H 920+ . Choose the model type 920
7. Go to the main menu of the console and bind our device with a camera and remote control
8. We go into flight modes and .. Wow! We apparently have a new function ...
9. Go to the new menu and see a new one.
10. Go to Settings - connect to your wifi network (or through the phone in the traffic distribution mode) - a map appears. The card will be cached, so we immediately select the map site more than necessary. A small and detailed map is cached only in the task scheduling section. Keep this in mind.
To make it faster to load a small section of the map, we just need a large map in the cache.
11. Switch the wifa again to your device and begin planning missions and flights.


There will be questions - welcome
I apologize for my English - I do not speak it, all claims to Google translator :)
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May 1, 2016
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N. California
Indeed, a search would have found it, but most new to forums don’t perform searches and that’s more difficult by an order of magnitude for those that have to use translators.

Although The H will never be a 920 where image quality is concerned I think it’s commendable when people take the initiative to find ways to do things on their own and are willing to share the fruits of their efforts with others.
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