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Typhoon H backpack

Do they know why? or is something wrong with it? I just received my backpack Monday from Magic city Drones and it looks ok
to me.
We don't know why... it's been replace by a soft backpack that would be available by the end of July, there's a picture of it at B&H
Received mine too and inspected it. The couple things I noticed when I opened the box is the odor/smell of the pack. Maybe sitting on my porch in near 100 degree temps really made the materials "out gas". But it smelled more like rotten fish. I aired it out for a few hours outside and it doesn't smell nearly as much or at all.

I didn't find anything bad about the pack. Looks well constructed. The only "cheap" thing I saw was they used either black gorilla tape or black duct tape to cover screws on the inside of the bottom half of the pack. Since the H is in its case and won't be contacting those screws its not an issue.

My only thought is if i you use the complete "foam" packaging maybe the HSC of this pack is just redundant. And a less expensive "soft" cover will do just as good a job of protecting it. I'm happy with mine. I guess time will tell!

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