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Typhoon H Binding issue

Oct 23, 2022
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I have a Typhoon H.

System Version: st16_system_v03.01.b30
AKP Version: st16_app_v01.00.45

Autopilot Version: V1.30
Gimbal Version V1.25
Camera Version V3.2.34(A) C-G03-Pro
RealSense Version V1.10

Everything seems to work right (including the camera) but it seemed to want to drift a bit in hover so I I attempted to Calibrate the Compass. But I get no response when I select on the controller. When I Calibrate the Gimbals it seems to work find.

So I went through the steps to create a new aircraft by copying the current Typhoon H and calling that copy "Typhoon H Copy" When I use that "copy" I am able to calibrate the compass just find BUT the camera is not functioning. When I go to the binding page the model shows up (SR24S_23372v1.07" and sometimes the camera shows up (CG03P_920Cf6) but every time i attempt to "bind" them I get a "Connection Failed. Reason: Unable to connect to camera" Please Retry. But it always fails.

If I go back to the original aircraft binding it works again but I am still unable to calibrate the compass.

So I need help either calibrating the compass OR getting the camera to bind when I select the "Typhoon H Copy" aircraft


Nothing really seems to suggest a good "smoking gun" place to start. So I would suggest trying this:
1.) Delete the new model you created.
2.) Start fresh and create another new model. Don't copy the existing Typhoon H Model if you can avoid it.
3.) Try to bind the "new" new model following the step-by-step instructions contained in Typhoon H Binding Verification.pdf.
Note the verification is not just "binding instructions". It is a verification of the MANY hidden clues in the binding process. The purpose is to identify abnormal conditions that are preventing a successful bind and to identify the exact point the binding process is failing. That information can assist in determining the best course to remedy the problem.
You will need to perform every step up to the point the verification does not match what you see. Do not skip any steps. Every step must be performed. Even the steps you have no doubt are already in the correct condition. After some preparation steps, the verification falls into a routine of directing an action, then verifying the correct response to the action. When you reach a verification step that does not match what you see, or if you are unsure if it matches, STOP. Report the step number back to the forum, and what you actually saw at that step. We can then go from there.
BTW, the most recent Autopilot version is 1.35. Your other versions are up to date.
I've found it helpful with some models to turn on the ST16, go to the Android wifi menu and "Forget" anything showing in the list including the CGO3. That prevents the ST16 from searching for older connections.
Compass calibration data is stored in the copter and has no relation to the remote at all. If you did it one time with the copy model, that's enough. Use the original model and fly with fun.

Of course, you can do some deep analysis of the issue. This is in your Yuneec pilot rights. ;)

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