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Typhoon H camera won’t connect, gimbal works

First thing to tackle is where did you send the H Plus for repair? How long ago and for what reasons? If still within the time frame of warranty on the repair, it is probably best to contact the repair center and arrange a fix.

For the CGO3+ and CGO-ET cameras on the Typhoon H it is really strange that both would exhibit the same behavior if the cameras were the problem.

Do you have a home WiFi that has a 5GHz band with its own SSID? We need to test your ST16 controller’s WiFi card for functionality. Power on the ST16, tap Pad then OK, go to the top right of the screen and pull down then select the WiFi icon. From the menu select your 5GHz WiFi and connect to it. Are you able to connect or not?

For the cameras place them on the aircraft and power on. The LED on the camera should go from white to red to flashing green. When you get to the flashing green the camera will be transmitting its SSID. For the CGO3+ it should be CGO3P_xxxxxx where the C’s are the last 6 digits of the MAC address on the label. See if you can connect to it with your phone or computer that has 5GHz WiFi capability. You can test the CGO-ET in a similar manner.
thanks! I am going to try this on my typhoon h with the same camera problem. it really sucks that yuneec would sell typhoon h products but offer NO support whatsoever! yuneec, you suck and so do you! fortunatly, I purchased a dji phantom 3 pro at the same time and dji is still selling drones that come with excellent customer support and a product that is supreme over yuneec and still carry replacment parts for ALL of their products. drone flyers! buy dji if you want continued support AND available download updates. drone flyers and prospects forget yuneec way to overpriced, no parts no support we as money spending americans, spend it on dji you wont be as sorry as I am for ever hearing about yuneec drones and this is hard to say as I flew my typhoon h exclusivly leaving dji in the box for 31/2 years till last week when I finally took it from its sealed box, charged up the batteries and have completly forgotten about my yuneec drone except for the 360 degree pan and retractable landing gear but this forum is for yuneec owners which I will continue to be a part of as someone somewhere will help us repair our yuneecs ourselves! screw you yuneec! Thank you fellow yuneec flyers we are all we have to count on for help. Thanks guys!

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