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Typhoon H Pro Realsense, GUI displaying IPS as n/a

Mar 5, 2017
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Hi Pilots!
New here and new with the H, but feeling very well here!
And - learn a lot about the H!
As "Ascending Technologies Falcon 8" pilot with many, many hours on it, I feel a bit lost with the version mix of the H.
I bought my machine 2 weeks ago! The dealer (NL, Europe) promised the H (pro with Real sense) WITH IPS!
Today I tested first time the Yuneec GUI and it did show the IPS as missing! :-(((
My question: can Real sense and IPS go together (conflicting) or did my dealer mix something up? The GUI shows my H as 1.02.
Has anybody of you any information?
All the best and always happy landings!
Works with last GUI http://download.yuneec.com/Typhoon_H/GUI/TyphoonHGUISetup_v1.2.13.zip

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Thank you, Sir!
Downloaded, installed, tested!
Strangely, I had installed that version. Don't know why that did not work.
Problem solved! Thanks to you!
Sorry, but another question: the shortage IPS tells me what it is for. But how does it work?
Best out of Norther Sweden!
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IPS works indoor without any GPS-Signal. When you start your H, you see "GPS Ready" Indoor !
This shows you have IPS. When you start your copter yu get the info: IPS instead of "Angle" when you are in the air.

It is also possible to use IPS outdoor ... with a trick.

Thanks, Wedbster!
Tested! Don't see any indication like that. Tried by switching from smart to angle and GPS on/off. Nothing happens. It shows acquiring GPS (found 9 ST16, H 11). But not switching anyhow to IPS.
Would like to know about that trick :):)
This only works wihout any GPS-Signal. If you get only a little bit GPS-Signal, it will not work.

Indoor-use, IPS only works automaticaly with angle-mode. when you select smart-mode, the copter uses angle mode.

IPS starts only when you are in the air. When the copter is still on the ground, ST16 shows Angle Mode
Ok. Tried again!
With GPS on, the engines don't start up. Switched GPS off and could start up the engines!
Indication is "angle" purple or violett. ! Smart or angle mode...no matter. No IPS indication.
Upgraded to the latest firmware and the H is (I believe) latest build. No idea if I need to take off to get the IPS indication. Better not in here...small room...
Don't know about your configurations.
Great help, Wedbster!
The houses in Sweden are mostly made out of wood. So even indoors I get GPS signals. Your last posts explained everything!!!
Will test in a concrete building somewhere asap!
Again, thanks for the fast and very helpful replies!
Wanted to enjoy the H outdoors today but...snowstorm :-((.
Spring will be late!
All the best, Wedbster!
Hope to cya again soon!
Great forum...
You can test with covering the GPS-Modul in top of your copter with "chocolate paper" aluminum foil.

In Angle Mode the ST16 shows GPS Ready
but this is off ;-) 0 SAT

Now you can start the motors, Indoor, without propellers ... do not try to take off, this will not work without propellers ...
but, your ST16 now shows IPS
Has anyone tried the IPS outside and has an altitude of 50 m?
I am currently working on shots outside, in the mountains and at the bottom of the valley.
I can not activate the GPS because I do not have enough satellites and I would like to know if in this case the IPS would do me service, because I fly in manual.
Can we trust ?
Thank you
Hello Oliver!
I believe Wedbster will have and can give you an answer on this!
I, personnel, wish like to know how basically IPS is functioning!
Best, Arclat
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Thank you Arclat
Here is the work situation


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WOW! Quit narrow situation there! I can believe that there is no GPS or at least not enough.
Webster wrote in his earlier posts about a trick using IPS outdoors, but wasn't ready to tell me about the trick.
IPS comes on automatically if there are no satellites at all, he told me! I could believe that IPS is relying on the accelerometer sensor or kind of gyros (?). Did not find out until today.
As I said, I am sure that Wedbster can help you!

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