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Using the Yuneec ST16 with my Phantom..... Really!

How did you get the APP on the ST16? I switched to PAD to get to Tablet screen, but I didn't even see the Google Play Store app.
Hmmm I saw someone doing it a few months ago, and if you think the iPad is a bit unwieldy on the Phantom controller the ST-16 is something else ;-)
See photo.

In the photo you can see I'm running the DJI GO app on the Yuneec ST16 Controller. The video feed from the Phantom is looking directly at the Typhoon.

So if ever I go flying with the Typhoon and the Phantom, I only need to bring one Tablet (the ST16 can do double duty).

Pretty sweet!!!

View attachment 640
Did you actually fly it?

Bill W.
Is the DJI transmitter still needed to hook up to the 16? Looks like it is connected to the 16, the would be quite cumbersome !
This could be a plus, are they using the same receivers?
Can you actually fly it that way? I do not see any problem to install DJI Go on my ST16S. Play Store shows DJI GO 4 app and let me to install it warning only that it may not be fully compatible. However without using sticks and other buttons on ST16S to control a DJI drone this will be just a very bulky screen. However and if all these buttons can be reprogrammed to control a DJI drone or work without any reprogramming that will be very cool.

Sorry I know this thread is old but I hope CAPTAINDRONE is still reading this forum.

I have just bought Mavic pro for my personal use and some indoor commercial use and realised that I need to spend some money(at least $200) on powerfull phone/tablet. I have a H520 and I'd rather spend it on an extra ST16/ST16S if I can get full control for Mavic pro from it.

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