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Very very slow ascent, descent with my Typhoon H

Oct 12, 2016
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I did a little road trip today to catch some fall foliage and had this very unusual problem with my Typhoon H. The drone was rising and falling very slowly. Like really slow.
I was flying in somewhat high altitude, (7000 ft), but wouldn't think this would have any effect. And my battery life was about half the norm. 10 minutes of flight and I got battery warnings and had to land.
After the battery warning , when trying to land, it was kind of scary how slow the drone would descend and I was hoping I could get it down before the battery went completely dead.
Is this familiar to anyone?
And the turtle/rabbit slider did not alter the rate of ascent/descent?

Also shorter battery times are the norm at higher altitudes... thinner air, forcing the ESCs to spin the props faster to maintain a specific degree of lift.
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Check your telemetry, particularly any variation in the altitude reading after motor start, but before you take off and into the first minute or 2 of the flight, and note whether it registers your altitude as 0 at landing. I find that on occasions when I get the slow descent (have never had it with ascents) my barometer is being particularly ropey and when I check the logs I often find altitude was in minus figures as I launched. I suspect that the staged descent characteristics of the H get confused when this reading is off more than the usual few feet or so.

As has been mentioned in other threads about this, you can usually fix it by doing RTH, or by turning GPS off, or by ascending to 100 ft or so and trying again, or (less ideally) by short-pressing the red button repeatedly to drop it a foot at a time, or as you have noticed, if you hold the left stick all the way down and keep it there, it will descend very slowly.
It’s dirty sticks. This is a known issue with the elevator. Check your hardware monitor and you’ll see little percentage when moved. It will increase with rabbit up but still not correct. A cleaning and calibration will fix this. This is now in the how to section and many threads here on this issue. It’s not a flight control issue or firmware. It’s what unfortunately is part of routine maintenance and flight check if you’ve let it sit for awhile. You may be able to stir the sticks around and get it back in the field but sometimes it just needs a good cleaning.
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