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Wizard Aircraft Status LED

Jul 18, 2018
Hi all,

So I purchased one of the Chroma Wizards for my Q500 4K. All seems to have gone well with the binding and calibration. I haven't flown it yet, but the controls all seem to work as expected. Camera controls work, and motors can be started and stopped, etc. Only thing is that the Aircraft Status LED is always off (according to manual, this means "GPS Loss of Aircraft: LED off") All the other LEDs are on and in their expected colors etc. I have not had any issues with the GPS while using the ST10+, but if the Wizard is to be believed, I have no GPS status connection with the aircraft. I have let both the Q500 and the Wizard sit outside with strong GPS satellite signals for quite some time, yet the status LED never turns green as it should (I assume that showing the battery status should be the norm if the aircraft GPS status is correct). Does anyone know what the problem might be? Is the Wizard faulty?

Also, there is another LED that was not covered in the instructions. At the bottom of the Wizard, just to the left of center in line with the power LED, there is a red LED blinking under the plastic, about once a second. It's always doing that when the Wizard is turned on. Any idea what this LED is? (it is NOT the power LED on the right)

Thanks all!

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