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I crashed my Typhoon H,, have been trying to purchase the plate that attaches the camera to the drone, not sure what proper name for the part is, ordered what I thought was the part from Yuneec Skins, wrong, what I ended up with is a Gimbal Contact Board, does anyone know where I can get the part that I need, it seems as though there on back order every place I looked. Any help with this matter would be apricated
Looking to find out what the 2 USB ports on the left underside (looking from the front) of a Typhoon H Plus are for,
and are they both supposed to have rubber covers, one of mine does, not the other


Yuneec Skins
Yuneec Skins
Hi Larry;
There is 1-USB port on the Bottom shell of your H+, and 1-USB Port on your C23 Camera, neither are of any use to you, if you have Realsense then there is also 1-USB Port on the Side of the Module, they are all for Factory uses.....;)
yuneec Germany gave me a heads up that typhoon h3 batteries are compatible with the h520e. just the flight time is reduced due to lower capacity. and must use a different chargers due to chemical makeup differences.
Hello Everyone in the Yuneec H world! I would like to ask if any of you fine people have encountered C23 camera violent shaking and inability to control camera via transmitter, even when you have picture from the camera on the screen...On Typhoon H Plus rig. Please check the youtube link provided for actual issue at hand. Thanks a mil!!!
Hi, I'm a new forum member and live in Sea Cliff on the Green in Huntington Beach. I'm having a nightmare with my Yuvee Phantom 4K as it crashed and now my camera has a disconnected wire just after I had to send it away for repair. I'd enjoy connecting with you. Bob Chesney, [email protected] 949/378-5134
John do you have a c23 camera breakdown my lens will slide out when facing down ? The camera works but is blurry ?
Yuneec Skins
Yuneec Skins
Thanx john cameras good to go. Used epoxy to adhere it
How'd you make out putting the 520 mainboard in your plus, I'm doing the same, any issues ? Please let me know, if you dont mind ?
Well What I found out is that the mother board I thought was an H 520 is actually a for an H plus. So with that being said the actual board between for the H520 and the H plus are the same.. the difference is the module and the SD card is the key to it being an H520 board or an H plus. So I'm now on the look out for a used board out of an H520
John at yuneec skins has them, thats where I'm getting mine
hello, maybe you can help me?, i'm trying to add signal antennas, modify tornado h920 plus, and i removed screws form all sides of drone and struggling to open it, im afraid to pull some wires.
Hi Bill. The $1500 has certainly cleared PayPal. When are you shipping the H plus? I have not heard from you in over a week...Ray
Ray, I sent you a few messages over the last few weeks, both here and your g-mail account regarding the status of you h plus. It should arrive tomorrow.
Looks like we have clearly been missing each others communication. The tracking number is 1Z8R929E0312310120 and is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I truly apologies for the miss communication and did leave you messages in this form as well as, your gmail account. I can't explain why you did not receive them, as I will go back to see if I responded to someone else's thread in error.
Hello, I have a problem with ma TH +. My TH + drone no longer connects to my ST16S and the LEDs are off. Plus I can no longer turn it off without removing the battery. Can someone help me?
Hello every one. Still flying yuneec q500 and looking for software files to get updates if someone can help with selling
me a sim with files for transmitter S-10 and yuneec q500 drone! I've lost my sims with the updates so in need. Any one could help, happy to purchase a sim from with the needed files.
Flying H as well with long range mods, works well.
Good Luck and Sate Flying All

edk/hyfler 1
I've done what you suggested for the Q500 which I also have, on the Chorma, so have a Typhoon H named Chroma. But it won't recognize the Cam Cg03. Not sure if t's binding to Chroma. Without cam its moot. Will upgrade the SD card and see, as it says update error on Cam. Works fine on ST10. Seems like it recognised signal from a MK58. Perhaps hook a GoPro and see.
I am not sure if you are working with an actual Chroma drone, or with a Typhoon H you have named Chroma. Please help me understand the drone model you are working with, and which controller you are using.
I just finished fixing the mechanical parts on my Typhoon H after a crash. I turned on the ST16 and then the copter. Battery is charged, I did not attach the rotor blades, the camera connects, but the copter continuously broadcasts an intermittent audible tone. What does this indicate? thanks, [email protected]

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