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Trying to get my drone connected after a couple years hiatus! Grandson didn't use it and I'm getting network error and can't log into my account or set up a new one.
Murray Martz
Murray Martz
If you post this question to the forum you may find an answer. Currently you posted the question to your profile so it is not in the forum. Select the area that you want to have your discussion in and post it there.
Good evening!!

I was looking over some old posts and noticed you fly an H920+.

If you could offer me some assistance, I have a thread in the 920+ Discussions, as “Newbie needs help”.

Any guidance you can offer, will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Tom Mitchell, Sr.
After doing a system reset on my St10+ Controller, I'm unable to bind my Q500 4K. The drone model isn't displayed for me to select on the Controller. I can put the Q500 4K into bind mode, however it never connects. I also tried to update the firmware using the Q500 Gui and I'm unable to connect. It displays a message that there is no response from the quadrotor....
Yes, I still have it. I have not used it in a while now though. and I will be honest. I have never updated any of the software. After I got it I had saw a few people had some issues with updates and just never did it. I mainly used it for taking video over my golf course. If you think you still want to look at it let me know. I'll be honest, it does not matter if I sell it or keep it.
Hey bud just checking if you had any roll sensor magnets that you could part with .for a cog3+.cheers Ad.
Sorry I did not see this. I have not been following the site on a daily basis. Next time your in New Orleans or Metairie area give me a call. 504-628-4461
hey Randy Ive been MIA as well I may be there friday, if its still available
Woke up my Q500 4K after it was crashed in 2018. Had to replace a B motor due to threads being damaged. Still some more work to get it completely back up and into the air but for some strange reason I love this little drone (not so little). It tickles me to fly it. 🙂
Got a mantis Q but cannot get pilot app on my iPhone will not let me download, Any suggestions ?
Same here... I tried the are different versios of an app called CGO...CGO3, CGO4... but no direct app. Maybe a "how to..." video explaining how to hook it up and start using it?
I have a Typhoon Plus with a Gimbel CG03+. The camera is not found! I've tried everything. I get a camera not found message! I can't get any further in the ST16. I have updated all settings but nothing works. Can someone help me further? Is there a store in the Netherlands that I can go to?
I have a new/used typhoon h that I purchased in 2016 new. It set in the case until two days ago, when I was well enough to fly it for the first time. When it lifted from the ground the landing gear would not retract. Has anyone had this problem? If so, can I ask how you fixed it?
PGL Drone techniek
That's normal after a long period of time.
The lubricant is stuck in the motors.
Put the drone upside-down on a table an retract the landing gear a view times.
It will work again.
Hallo Herr H Elsner vielen Dank für die schnelle Antwort ich werde nichts einstellen er fliegt so perfekt ich wollte nur wissen ob es geht und anzeigt ob alles geht .Weil das klickende summen vom Ultraschall kenn ich vom Thypoon H nicht aber er bleibt vor der Wand stehen .Danke kann es sein das wir uns von einem anderen forum kennen .Nur ich hatte wieder einen Schub und war lange nicht fliegen . Grüße Christian
Ich habe nur den Typhoon H. Ultraschall würde ich aber sowieso nicht hören. Im Alter lässt das nach und alles über 12kHz ist schon weg. Warum QGroundControl nicht mit dem Kopter verbindet kann bei Windows an irgendwelchen Treibern liegen. Ich arbeite fast nur noch mit LINUX - da gibt es diese Probleme nicht.
I am new with drones. I have ordered a Yuneec Typhoon H Plus. It’s not here yet but very excited for it to arrive. I’m a member of a local RC club and flown model aircraft for years and one of the members has one.

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