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CGO2 Tilt problem...

Discussion in 'Q500+ Help' started by Tugge, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. Tugge

    Jul 30, 2016
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    I have an issue with my Yuneec Q500+...I crashed it into a tree....a blade broke and the CGO2-camera fell off...and now to my problem: the camera ripped off from the gimbal and the connector cable was damaged... on the circuit board the connection a place for the power-supply was damaged and on the connection-cable (the one you connect to the drone...with one connector on one side and two connectors on the other side...) the connector for camera-motor separate from the cable..... and I wonder now... can someone please help me with a photo of a connection-cable where I can see which cable go to which side on the connector? The other problem (with the power supply) I solved...the camera starts and giving picture on my ST10-controller.... but the tilt doesn't work....the motors on the gimbal working fine (I forced the camera manually to tilt down...but it still go to horizontal...)...I tried to reset the controller...I tried to "reboot" the drone with lift it up and tilt it 90° forward and back.... but nothing works...so I think that it is only either the cables that is in wrong place on the connector or/and the connector is on the wrong place on the circuit board.... please help me.....

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