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Change Settings in Flight

Discussion in 'Q500 4K Discussion' started by Ray Stachelek, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. Ray Stachelek

    Oct 26, 2015
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    My computer and screen resolution is not compatible to UHD video.
    I video in HD, but now cannot take a still photograph, unless I go beyond 60 fpm.
    But the photo now is a lower resolution the same as the video.

    To change back over to UHD photo, I land the quad and make the neededchanges. This requires two flights over the same area.

    Has anyone tired changing video setting in flight?
  2. Roland

    Dec 27, 2015
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    Negative. I set everything at pre-flight checks, that way I can enjoy the flight. I am just lost in the moment when my bird is up soaring. Besides, if I try changing settings while in flight, I might end up changing a setting that might disrupt the flight. I'd like to absorb all the fun the whole 20 minutes I am up there. Maybe someone has tried what you are asking. Give it some time, someone will respond.
  3. Wingshooter

    Sep 28, 2015
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    I have changed camera settings in flight. No Problems doing that. When taking a picture in Photo Mode the set resolution is 4000x3000 72pixels. You can choose the format it saves a picture as while in Photo Mode using the controller. Choices are JPG or DNG(Raw). Raw allows more control of the final outcome but you will need the software that can read a RAW file. Adobe Photoshop Elements will along with several other software programs.

    In your comment you say your computer cannot read UHD files. What software program are you trying to view those in? I know my Windows 7 Media Player and Movie Maker will not read the UHD or 4k files. But I have Adobe Elements Premiere 14 installed on my Windows 7 laptop and it will read them fine.

    Here is a chart I did of the Video Modes and should help.

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  4. Sirwilliam70

    Dec 31, 2015
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    As long as gps is on, it works just fine. Done it many times. Just make sure your calibrated and have good gps lock.
  5. John K. Fitzgerald

    Dec 27, 2015
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    yes you can change these settings during flight, however to get the very best from both video and stills, i recommend shooting at the highest resolution for video and always shoot stills in RAW/DNG. This camera will not shoot stills if the video is set below the 120FPS setting. and when in jpg mode the still follows the resolution of the video, raw (dng) does not, it always uses the entire sensor. However even if you are set for Raw/DNG your camera selection should "CGO3 Pro", and you must select the "photo" icon on the st-10 display. if "video" mode is selected and you take a still shot it will be recorded as a JPG instead of a RAW file. Now as far as your computer is concerned you have 2 choices, #1 upgrade your computer, get something with at least 8gb ram and an i7 or higher processor. I have a similar problem with my laptop, it's just not up to the task of handling 4k video. i did find a program that works great it's called MP4 player and MP4 converter from www.tomabo.com . they have a free trial for about 10 days. I found that i can convert any video to almost any format and resolution, A 5 minute full 4k mp4 video converted to a 720p mp4 takes just a few minutes and still maintains a very high quality and smooth playback. You can convert all the way down to "mobile" resolutions depending on how you want to share you videos. The original video is still saved as it came out of the camera.

    Corel video studio 8 is also a great program for editing and creating a nice production of your videos and photos. you can also take a snap shot from any part of a video. Many people just film their entire flight and then pick the stills from that. For editing and processing RAW/DNG files. Abode photoshop is the way to go there. The main advantage to shooting in RAW is you get a huge amount of control over every aspect of the photo from color temp. exposure, highlights, shadows, midtones, sharpness, crop, levels, curves, detail settings and the list goes on. once you have the photo they way you want it, you then save it in any photo format you like, ( usually TIFF for me). Since the original RAW file cannot be overwritten you can always go back and start over if you need .

    Since this camera, while quite good for what it is, is somewhat limited in many important aspects. When i shoot with my middle of the road Nikon D7100 i have a huge amount of control over the exposure, metering, aperture and shutter speed, this allows me to do most of the work before i even hit the shutter button. The q500 4k doesnt have those conveniences so shooting photos in RAW/DNG is even more important and will help get around the cameras short comings. When you take a little extra time in post processing you'll find you be able to print large beautiful images despite this cameras limitations.

    For me the Q500 is a flying camera, I am happy with both the UAV and the camera, sure there are better cameras and faster drones out there, but this setup is a great value for the money. and while I have not needed to contact customer support, I have yet to see any negative review of Yuneec's support. DJI on the other hand has a horrible reputation when it comes to support and it was the deciding factor that I chose to go with Yuneec. So far I have no regrets!

    Sorry to ramble, Hope you find this helpful.

    Happy and safe flights to all!
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