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Orlando Wants to Limit Your Drone Rights

Discussion in 'News' started by LuvMyTJ, Dec 29, 2016.

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    Sep 10, 2015
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    The Orlando City Council and Mayor Buddy Dyer want to make it tough for drone enthusiasts to be able to fly their drones in the city. The policy – if passed – would require drone users to get special permits, extra insurance and limit where drones can fly. Even more outrageous: breaking the rule empowers Orlando police officers to issue fines up to $400, make arrests and seize your drone as contraband.

    The Orlando city government doesn’t have the authority to regulate national airspace – that’s the FAA’s role. Furthermore, the FAA already prohibits drones from flying over schools, stadiums and other public spaces and has a process in place for dealing with violations.

    Creating confusing, tech-specific laws penalize early adopters and make it difficult for drone users to follow the rules. Join us in urging the Orlando City Council and Mayor Dyer to stop this bad drone policy.

    SOURCE: CTA - Drones Policy