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Rebuild Complete

Discussion in 'Q500+ Help' started by Jafo, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. Jafo

    Apr 30, 2016
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    Just finished transferring from my old body to the new one.
    It was pretty straight forward.
    Only had a couple of issues and no left over screws.
    Things I would suggest....
    1-It took me about 5 hours. Take your time and take some pics for reference.
    2-Watch a couple of You Tube videos first to get an idea of what your going to find and the steps to take for disassembly and reassembly.
    3-A Pencil soldering iron works much better than a soldering gun.
    4- You will have 20 solder joints to make when your reassembling. Don't forget to have some shrink tubing.
    A Solder sucker is a great tool to have when unhooking from the ESC. Wish I had one. Lol
    5- When you reassemble the quad, only install a minimum number of screws to get the shell to seat. Then connect the GUI and confirm all is working. I made the mistake of fully rebuilding before testing only to find I had a pinched wire and causing trouble. I had to fully unscrew the shell again and fix the wire. I left the GUI connected and running during my final assembly.I wasn't going to have that problem twice.
    6-Use some black tape and secure your wiring to the body before installing the shell.

    It was not nearly as bad as it sounded and not nearly as hard as I thought it might be.
    Go to it and let me know If I can help answer any questions.

    Good luck,
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  2. Rayray

    Rayray Moderator
    Staff Member

    Jun 3, 2016
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    Very impressive, Jafo. You planned your work, and worked your plan. When I glanced at your first sentence, I thought "Say what?", lol.
    Sharing good info is what it's all about. Great post.
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  3. ComicGamer

    Oct 6, 2016
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    I put in some quick connects to all wires that connect to the main board. Just in case I have to do all of it again