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  1. Peter Venkman

    Aug 8, 2016
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    For your information

    On the ST-16. When you access the secret menu and do the calibration test for the ST-16. it's important that the TILT and the Turtle / Rabbit sliders are set to the middle. ( not at the top, not at the buttom, but in the middle )

    On the flight mode screen

    Tap the system settings
    Tap the About Controller many times

    this will open the secret menu

    You will see:


    My Gimbal would not pan well. It would not go to horizon and always stay below the horizon.

    I did several Gimball calibrations, i could see the camera going up and doing is thing perfectly fine. But the camera would always point a bit down.

    I could see it wasn't a gimbal problem.

    ( this calibration could be usefull for H that drift and can't keep a perfect hoover )

    I tried to calibrate the ST-16 many times, and the pan slider in HARDWARE MONITOR would always behave differently. ( not going completely up on the HARDWARE MONITOR when the slider was physically completely up )

    That's when i understood that the pan " slider " probably needed to be in a certain position before doing the calibrations.

    I tried it starting in the center position and sure enough, my problem was gone.

    The gimbal is now working as it should.

    Go in CALIBRATE TEST then, press START ( at the buttom )
    Press all the butons they ask you untill they become GREEN.

    once all of them are green. Press NEXT ( at the buttom )

    Re-do the same thing with all the buttons on the remote. ( ALL OF THEM EVEN CAMERA OR CAMCORDER )

    Once you are done, all icons should be green. Press FINISH at the buttom and go back to the FLIGHT MODE SCREEN.

    Go to HARDWARE MONITOR and check that the behavior of all your " buttons / sticks / sliders " are behaving normally.

    If not, remake the calibration.

    When doing the calibration, it's important to push the sticks all the way in all working directions. ( up / down / left / right )

    Toggle switches that have 3 positions need to go in all of those 3 positions in order to calibrate.

    I wouldn't recommend to go in this setting unless you are deseperate ( like i was ) and have tried everything you think you should have tried.

    In my case, i did the GPS calibration, Compass calibration, gimbal calibration / i checked to see if my firmware were up to date. Removed the battery. Made a complete factory reset. Re-Binded both the H and the ST-16. Remade all those calibrations. Made the gimball calibration 4 or 5 times. Then, tried the ST-16 Calibration.

    I was desesperate and had nothing to loose !

    Be aware this could maybe F*** up you H.

    I wanted to share this with you, and this makes me a place to go back to if i ever feel the need to remake a calibration.
  2. Typhoon Charlie

    May 15, 2016
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    This fixed my drifting problems. Thanks for shearing.
  3. PatR

    May 1, 2016
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    Centering of the sliders is part of the instructions Yuneec CS provides when helping people calibrate their ST-16's. If your H ever starts a fast and continuous beeping sequence it's likely telling you the ST-16 lost calibration and needs to be re-calibrated using what was referenced in the earlier post.
  4. Wayneious

    Aug 10, 2016
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    I have now had to do this 3 times with my ST16. I'm losing a bit of love for the H and the controller. I've opened a case with Yuneec on it and might return the controller as I don't think there is a valid reason to lose connection between the drone and controller this many times within a month.
  5. PatR

    May 1, 2016
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    Is your controller getting bounced around during transport? I've had to do mine a couple times but I attribute that to when I had in laying on part of a sleeping bag in the back of my P/U.