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  1. kyle925

    Jul 14, 2016
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    Love the H and it is more versatile compared to P4 when it comes to Photography/Videography. That is why I bought it instead of the P4. But I do have a wishlist for Yuneec to consider and im hoping they're reading this. Here goes:

    - A professional qlty camera with lens attachments options. Also, this camera should be a dual camera. The primary camera for taking videos ( video operator) and the secondary camera ( a little peep hole cam) should just be a stationary cam for FPV use ( for the pilot) Once you use 2 ST16s.
    - Better professional camera setting options in the software (add aperture settings). Also some zebra and exposure data. Also some grid lines. An option to save ur favorite settings so that by just pressing a button, you're set to go on whatever situation ur in. Use the "cross " buttons for the cam settings instead of scrolling the tablet w/c is tedious.
    - Reprogram the wizard as a "watch me" device in ANGLE MODE. I find it useless ( and dangerous - unless you have the real sense technology ) to be using the wizard in Team mode. Why not just use it as a watch me device for the camera only and still have the ST16 as the pilot. In this case, you can move the bird any w/c way you can, but the camera is following the subject carrying the wizard. This will definitely give the operator control on the piloting only and not worry about aiming the the video target when flying.
    - a manual mode option to totally control the bird in dire situations. Cant rely on GPS all the time. Ur manual piloting skills might be in the end as a last resort.
    - Better on screen and real time telemetry. The P4 is far superior on this matter. Everything is on ur screen when u operate it.
    - Vision positioning system like the P4 w/c is just "Rock solid" stable when it hovers.
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  2. DroneClone

    Mar 2, 2016
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    "If You Wish Upon A Star" LOL ! Be nice !:rolleyes:
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