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Chris McMillan
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  • Hey DroneClone! I've been away on holiday in Europe for about 2 months. England Scotland and couple of week in Madeira.
    Chris, How have you and your H been? I miss hearing from you on the forum and adding you "wisdom" Just never see you on here to much lately, and was hoping you and your family are all doing fine ! Take care my friend !
    Chris, I got you a H to ship to you today, but hurry! here is her contact !!!:
    roneClone said: ↑
    Can you send one to my good friend Chris McMillan in Melbourne, Aus. ? 2 day air?

    Have him email me his address and let's see how much it costs before I give in ;-)

    [email protected]

    #14Laura Turbeville, 6 minutes ago
    Chris McMillan
    Chris McMillan
    As of today they've landed here and are going through customs.... Should be Monday/Tuesday, but thanks anyway!
    Hey Chris. I just noticed your a retired magician, cool!, Why didn't you tell me earlier, you could just pull a 'H" right out of your hat ! LOL !
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    Chris McMillan
    Chris McMillan
    If I was a real magician, it'd be a huge hat, and everyone would get one with spare batteries and a case as an apology!
    Chris McMillan
    Chris McMillan
    Let's try something my friend (to while away the hours/days/weeks until H day).....
    On a piece of paper, Write down a 4 digit random number... Don't make it easy, use different digits, i.e. "1,2,3,4" by the way, don't use 1,2,3,4! Let me know when you've done that.....
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