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Recent content by clackey

  1. clackey

    Created a Thread to Introduce Yourself!

    Choose the appropriate discussion area from the main page at yuneecpilots.com then click the "post thread" button at the top right.
  2. clackey

    Classified Rules

    Our classifieds system is offered as a benefit of active members for the sale of personal items only. Businesses are required to have an Approved Vendor badge. Contact us for information on becoming an Approved Vendor. 1. Members must be active for 30 days and have 10 posts before they are...
  3. clackey

    The playstore app not working anymore.

    Yes, sorry about this. Both Apple and Google have rejected all our app updates recently due to their "framework" rules where they don't apps with similar functionality but different content, which is essentially what a community forum is. So, we've been unable to get new versions released, thus...
  4. clackey

    *** EXTREME Yuneec Typhoon H Package - SOLD ***

    Keith - sorry for the inconvenience. There are definitely some email domains (hotmail, etc..) that we have a really hard time getting emails to be recieved without getting blocked for spam. We are always working to improve our email rates. If anyone hits this in the future, please contact us...
  5. clackey

    Forum Software Update

    This was the forum web site software, not related to any drones.
  6. clackey

    Software Update

    Ok thanks. Hopefully it doesnt require that for everyone ;) I think the icons in the cache will eventually expire out for most people if they are unable to force the refresh.
  7. clackey

    Software Update

    Hey all! We recently upgraded the software here in preparation for some cool new features we activating soon. If you are seeing any oddities, probably with icons (such as a coke bottle for the alert icon) then please refresh your browser cache. On most browsers, you can do this by holding...
  8. clackey

    YuneecPilots Reaches the 20k Milestone!

    Also keep in mind that only about 5% of those who visit the site actually become a member. Our network of drone communities received over 6 million unique visitors in 2019.
  9. clackey

    YuneecPilots Reaches the 20k Milestone!

    Congrats to YuneecPilots.com for reaching the 20,000th member milestone today. A big thanks to all of you great community members, moderators and admins that make this great site possible! Here is to the next 20k! ? C.
  10. clackey


    ya, should have been white... ;)
  11. clackey


    Any of you fine folks attending Interdrone this week? If so, introduce yourself if you see me around. We don't have a booth this year but I'm wearing .a while MavicPilots shirt. Thanks! C.
  12. clackey

    New Drone Community + Win a Drone!

    In that case we'd probably just send you an amazon gift credit to order it yourself.
  13. clackey

    New Drone Community + Win a Drone!

    Duly noted...
  14. clackey

    New Drone Community + Win a Drone!

    Hey all! We are launching a new community for enthusiasts of the growing number of entry-level drones at DronePilots.community. If you are pilot of drones from HolyStone, Blade, Eachine, Hubsan, Potensic, MJX, ScharkSpark, Snaptain, Syma or Xiaomi then join us at the new...
  15. clackey

    Buyer and Seller Beware - How to Protect Yourself Against Fraud

    Your intuition is your best weapon against fraud. If the deal seems too good to be true and the member is evasive or unwilling to provide additional information, then walk away. Here are some ideas if you are concerned about the legitimacy of the deal: Ask to talk with them on the phone Ask...