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Recent content by corinaCanFly

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    Pink Screen, won't take pictures

    Pretty much nothing. We've only used it to fly around our own house and just mess around. It has never crashed. We did replace one of the arms a few months ago, because it stopped working. But we have never done anything inside the system. (By "we" I mean my dad and me). About 3 weeks ago...
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    Pink Screen, won't take pictures

    It is all pink. As in, when you click on the picture when you download to the computer, it shows up as all pink. Like you took a picture of a pink paper or something like that. And yes, did make sure there was nothing on the lens preventing it from being correct.
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    Pink Screen, won't take pictures

    Recently, my Typhoon H will not take pictures. Once you start it up, it says that is has successfully connected to the camera. But, the screen is pink. You can see what it looks like in the attached picture. When it first started doing this, a simple turn off/back on would make it go away...
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    How do I replace landing gear motor?

    I recently crashed my Typhoon H into a tree, which caused some propellers to break, and a hard landing followed, resulting in a broken landing gear motor. I have purchased the replacement part, but after awhile of unsuccessfully trying to unscrew it, I have zero idea what I'm doing, and don't...