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Recent content by Darrel

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    Curious which video programs used

    Hi, I use PowerDirector 17. Very pleased with the program.
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    Awesome service for Carolina Dronz!

    Carolina Dronz is a great company. Top notch both in service and sales. I highly recommend them.
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    Video editing

    I too use PowerDirectot14. Very pleased with the features of the program.
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    Just asking, what software pilots are using to edit the 4K video?

    Hi, I use PowerDirector 14. Very powerful.
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    ND Filters

    May I ask where you got the case for the filters? I received 3 bags to put each filter in. Like your idea for identifying each filter. Thanks for your help. Darrel
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    Yaw Rotation Issue

    I always fly in angle and never use safe mode. When I discovered I could not get a complete rotation I toggled between angle and safe with no impact at all. Might have to give Yuneec service on this. Thanks for your response.
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    Yaw Rotation Issue

    Hi, today I had an issue with my Q and Yaw Rotation. Upon takeoff I wanted to do a look over of my aircraft. Usually I do a 360 spin or yaw but for some reason it would stop midair at the same point whether I yawed left or right. The craft crashed due to pilot error on a previous day so I did...
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    Good to be here!!!!

    Welcome! Glad to have you here. Enjoy your 4k when it comes.
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    Polar Pro ND 16 Makes the CGO3 a first class camera!

    Thanks. I appreciate your help
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    Polar Pro ND 16 Makes the CGO3 a first class camera!

    A great looking picture. How hard is it to change the filter?
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    Frame replacement

    In looking over the frame on my Q I am going to take NRRTRAINS advice and epoxy it and I should be back in the air. Thanks for your advice. Darrel
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    Frame replacement

    Hi all, Today my Q500 did battle against a tree and lost. Broke one of the landing gear; and cracked the frame. I see you can buy a new frame at Carolina Dronz. My question is for someone who is not very mechanical is it hard to transfer all the elements to the new frame or should I leave...
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    Steady grip

    Hi, I have a Note Edge and found if I connect to WiFi first and then turn the CGO app on after it works.
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    Gimble Lock

    You might try Carolina Dronz. They have many spare parts.