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Recent content by Data2225

  1. Data2225

    A problem with OBS.

    Hook your drone to your computer and deselect the realsense button.
  2. Data2225

    Drone insurance

    Also covers park flyers as long as they are a certain size and speed.
  3. Data2225

    Drone insurance

    AMA is $78 a year with up to 2 million in coverage, not sure if it is just for recreational flyers or not. Also has theft insurance with 500 deductable.
  4. Data2225

    Drone insurance

    Can you not use AMA if you are part 107?
  5. Data2225

    Criminal charges ..yikes

    Also hit a car when it crashed into the ground.
  6. Data2225

    My first Fly-Away... was it me or the H?? Help (flight log attached)

    Did your realsense come with your H? I bought one aftermarket and soon after started getting those compass errors at different sites with little to no control. After I removed the realsense, never happened again.
  7. Data2225

    ISO of a Real Sense Module for Typhoon H

    I have one, $200.
  8. Data2225

    West Michigan - Grand Haven/Muskegon/Grand Rapids

    Garden City here, just inside the DTW NFZ.
  9. Data2225

    Video Merge

    Dashware will do that also.
  10. Data2225

    Intel Realsense question

    I have one sitting on my pool table, used twice. $200
  11. Data2225

    Why TH has range issues?

    So you're admitting to going BVLOS.......
  12. Data2225

    4k vs 1080p?

    You mean 1.8 GB. They don't make a micro sd card that large.
  13. Data2225

    Drone still in the box!

    Yes, you can, but all you hear is prop noise, very annoying.
  14. Data2225

    St16 controller freezing and shutting down

    Happened to me yesterday. Only time it ever happened.
  15. Data2225

    Why TH has range issues?

    140 miles? What were you flying, military airplane drones?