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Recent content by DonnieB

  1. DonnieB

    FAA Numbers

    I was thinking of this route but was going to tape it on top of the H body
  2. DonnieB

    Pre-Flight check list for Typhoon H & H Plus

    I too made a list and then updated the list after a while. You are right though, you will learn then steps quickly, if you follow your list until muscle memory (brain) kicks in. Don
  3. DonnieB

    FAA Numbers

    How are you marking your Typhoon H? Something that you stick on or using stenciled-on letters?
  4. DonnieB

    How long have you been flying your H?

    I've been flying about 1 1/2 with my H. Admittedly, I haven't logged lots of hours. I had one crash because I was too far away ( ~100 yards away ) and couldn't see all the small branches that ultimately got into the props. Other than that I've never lost signal or anything else that I thought...
  5. DonnieB

    New FAA Rule for ALL Drones. READ THIS

    I haven't had my drone (Typhoon H with IS) in the air since the rules have changed. How did you mark your drone? Stick on letters or what and where did you place the markings? Don
  6. DonnieB

    4Hawks range extending antenna.

    Mr Gecko, alas your observation is correct.. From someone older.
  7. DonnieB

    One of the first stills.

  8. DonnieB

    H520 dropped out the sky from 100ft without warning!

    Sorry to hear about your drone sinking. Do you have any prices figured out for anything? You can email me with anything you have at [email protected]
  9. DonnieB

    Counting Satellites

    Thanks to all of you who have responded to my question. It does seem that the ST 16 is sometimes slow to aquire satellites. I get a 8 - 9 - 10 -9 -10 -8 - 11 and so on. The bouncing around in the number of satellites just seems strange. by the time I've gone through one battery I'm at 15 - 18...
  10. DonnieB

    Counting Satellites

    Just looking for opinions on minimum number of satellites do you personally require to fly using GPS?
  11. DonnieB

    Staying Alive

    Staying Alive