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Recent content by DronesSellingHomes

  1. DronesSellingHomes

    Wizard/ST16 question

    If you treasure the safe operation of your flight, place the binding of the controller on your preflight check list. And always use your check list(s). Just a thought, as I have not flown with the Wizard as of yet, but if you turn on your ST16 and then your H, and you get feedback from the H's...
  2. DronesSellingHomes

    Long range

    Yes my fellow members, this is idiotic, showboating, and no doubt has violated many laws. Interesting, I'll have to look up resources to see if there are any title 18 sections with elements, or ? In regards to laws we have Federal Title 18, State Penal Code, County Ordinances, and City Municipal...
  3. DronesSellingHomes

    New Years Eve Fireworks

    Lol, like your attitude. Thanks for the reply
  4. DronesSellingHomes

    Reasonable and safe autonomy Apps?

    Check this out & post reviews for fellow members! Hello my fellow H lovers (lol - a lot of interesting things could be substituted for Hexacopter; but get that mind back on track - ), I posted a reply to another thread and decided that it would be a good idea to start a specific thread. So...
  5. DronesSellingHomes

    Automated flight with using map based waypoints, done

    Have you looked at the following solution? UAV Toolbox - Yuneec ST-16 This appears to be a nice solution for the H. It's hard for developers to create a library of applications for Yuneec UAVs, due to the fact that Yuneec has not made available a developer's API / Application. Unlike DJI; who...
  6. DronesSellingHomes

    New Years Eve Fireworks

    How did your drone crash? Sorry to hear about it; but looking at other's experiences can be so helpful in my experiences and potentially prevent the same "May Day."
  7. DronesSellingHomes

    "You can judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him"

    "You can judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him"
  8. DronesSellingHomes

    Hello All Awesome Fellow UAVers! From So Cal.

    Well thanks a bunch for the welcome; much appreciated. And you're right, I unsuccessfully attempted to modify my profile and pic, but I think I'll have better luck using the Tapatalk app that I'm about to DL (but on my iPad mini - as my iPhone is bursting at the seams 'memory wise' lol Thanks...
  9. DronesSellingHomes

    Range of transmission

    Great to see you looking at technology for helping yourself out in your farm setting. There is good news and not bad, but I believe just a change in mindset regarding using a UAV for long range observation. If you really wish to use a UAV, you must keep eyes on the craft, while abiding by all...
  10. DronesSellingHomes

    Hello All Awesome Fellow UAVers! From So Cal.

    I am introducing myself as networking and Learning (and teaching) from others is a very positive aspect of this great activity; hobby; or ?? I have been a model gas operated helio RC pilot; boy was that fun; operating a flying machete with crossed sticks with balls for training landing gear...