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Recent content by EdwardMeijer

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    Sent my drone in typhoon h plus over a year ago

    I am still waiting to hear where he send his drone, and what state does he live in. After that we can go from there. We could subpoena Yuneec or the repair company for a start. [email protected]
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    Sent my drone in typhoon h plus over a year ago

    What state do you live in? And where did you ship it to, address?
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    H520E differences from H520

    Thank you so much for this information. I, for one will definitely be purchasing one . Edward
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    H plus 5 min video ??

    OH I see, I have an H520 does not split just records until i stop.
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    H plus 5 min video ??

    What computer do you have? What version of operating software do you have? I make videos all the time longer then 5 minutes always 4K you should not have to combine, I never do.
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    Promo video for my golf club

    Very well done.
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    Yuneec Typhoon H520 For Sale

    SOLD Yuneec Typhoon H520 has been in storage for over a year. Has been flown twice. In absolutely new condition. Comes with the following accessories. E-90 Camera, 64 GB SanDisk, Digital Anemometer for measuring wind speed, Yaesu FTA-750 Spirit air band transceiver, can talk to pilots or know...
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    Compatible Micro SD Cards for the Typhoon H+ C23 Camera

    I use only Hoodman Steel SD Cards they are not cheap but they work with basically all devices.
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    Four problems I found in the E90

    Well that is strange I do not have any one of those issues, my H520 has been just fine for the last 7 months.
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    H plus photo from Iceland...camera is fantastic

    I have the E90 camera and the latest firmware on the bird and the controller. the only issue I have is that it does not put in the correct date, it is always year 2000, I can live with that it is minor. Otherwise I am very satisfied with this drone. This is my fifth drone. Thanks Edward
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    H plus photo from Iceland...camera is fantastic

    H520 does not do that, at least mine just adds to the last one, no new folders.
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    E90 Lens Distortion - Who has the problem and when did you buy your E90 camera?

    I do not have the issue E90 lens is just fine, purchased from Carolina Dronz in late December.
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    New mission creator in development.

    No problem there, I know about software development. just let us know. Edward
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    New mission creator in development.

    This looks very good, is there a way to download this somewhere? Thanks Edward [email protected]
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    New H520 help

    No this is normal, it is for some future upgrade, my H520 has the same thing.