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  1. Fleamac

    Camera wires broke off circuit board

    I just removed the cable and circuit board. Just using the plug that comes off the camera itself. Works on both the aircraft and handheld steady grip.
  2. Fleamac

    Camera wires broke off circuit board

    Thanks for comprehending my explanation of my experience. Glad it worked out for you. And remember, trees are closer than they appear! :D
  3. Fleamac

    HELP sent in for repairs over 37 days ago and only get a run around

    Keep calling and emailing till you get a reasonable response. Yuneec watches this site, so keep us informed on your situation.
  4. Fleamac

    where to buy

    I'd support the local guys if possible. But since I don't have a local hobby shop, I ordered mine from Amazon. If you go local, open it on site to verify all the contents are there. There have been a few issues with missing items. They're a blast. Get one!
  5. Fleamac

    Calling all veteran Pilots (newbies pay attention)

    Advice for newbies should include, When starting off, don't show off. Balance the props. Are the prop O rings on? Properly tighten the props. Plan ahead and charge the controller too. Check all switches on the controller to verify they're were you want them. Start off low and...
  6. Fleamac

    Prosecute Anyone Who Shoots at an Unmanned Aircraft or "Drone."

    NO! Shields up! Shields up! :D
  7. Fleamac

    Cold-Proof Anti-Wind Glove for transmitter

    Now you find this! I froze my fingers off during the winter. Maybe I'll put this on my X-Mas wish list.
  8. Fleamac

    Good to be here!!!!

    :D Hello and welcome! Have any questions? Ask them! Happy flying:)
  9. Fleamac

    Home Mode will not Switch back to Angle Mode

    Axel rocks! He's helped me through some issues. Hope the updates fix your bird.
  10. Fleamac

    Noob flyer

    I agree with Chewman. Plus take your time and learn the different settings. Make note that the TX switch's are in 'turtle' and 'angle' modes. If in 'smart' mode, it wants to be 26'+ away from TX. So if you launch in 'smart' mode, it could crash trying to get further away. Download and...
  11. Fleamac

    Camera wires broke off circuit board

    Heal up! Maybe splurge on the simulator. Or, wait, I know! Wheelchair with a wagon to haul the stuff, attached with a rope to get to the flying spot. :D Mend quickly...
  12. Fleamac

    Camera wires broke off circuit board

    I have yet to take a test flight since the repair. Unless I find a Sherpa, it will probably be 2 or more months before that happens (broken leg/ankle). Follow me mode.
  13. Fleamac

    Prop flew Off

  14. Fleamac


    I just notched the 'slide in battery cover' for the wires. The alarm is attached to the side via velcro. I store it inside when not using it. Works fine.