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Recent content by georgero

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    Just a tip for future guys with the same problem. Do not take off the old epoxy. That will make the camera go off the focus and it will be really hard to make it right. There is less than a 1mm gap between the lens and the camera body. Just put a very thin layer of epoxy to glued back.
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    H Parts - 3D printed/ Source problems

    Just a reminder as WTFDproject said if you change any of the encoders or gimbal board you need to calibrate your camera. There is no way around. the only thing you can change without calibration is the camera assembly other than that I wish you good luck.
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    Drone fell out of sky.

    99% of the time is because the battery was not fully inserted. Did you check the battery after that to see what percentage you have left on that battery? A log file will reveal what happened. You can upload the log file here and we can look at it and let you know what happened.
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    CGO3+ gimbal error, unknown beep code

    I think will be nice if you let us know if you fix your camera and what it was. In this way, we can help each other.
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    CGO3+ gimbal error, unknown beep code

    It is what I posted above. You can trust me I fixed many of these cameras.
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    *****BAD CAM*****

    Question. Did the camera is spinning without connecting to the ST16? If it does then you have a camera problem.
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    Losing Gimbal control when reconnecting to E90 camera

    If you can't find any ,here it is Yuneec C23/E90 cameras Slipring connection cable NEW | eBay
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    Losing Gimbal control when reconnecting to E90 camera

    I was jumping to that conclusion because he said he already tried with different machines and he had the same results. But your suggestion is the first thing to do.
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    Losing Gimbal control when reconnecting to E90 camera

    You may have a problem with the slipring cable on that camera the image transmission is done wirelessly and doesn't have anything to do with the gimbal. The best way to find out if is the cable you need to check the continuity with a multimeter but that requires to disassemble the back of the...
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    FPV mod on my H920

    I've done on my Inspire 1 too but with a different setup analog with foxeer toothless camera and a Flysight Black Mamba 5.8Ghz Transmitter. same thing clean install no extra battery. I liked but the DJI setup is way superior and I understand because is digital not analog.
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    My ST16 shows to be charging all the time

    Do a factory reset of the ST16 and see if will clear that error.
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    H480 "not compatible" with ST16 during bind process

    Can you post a screenshot with that message ? Did you try to create a new model and bind again ? You can also make a factory reset of the ST16 and start from the beginning. Se what you come up. Try these things and let us know how it goes.
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    H920 St24 Intelligent modes

    I saw the video and I am sorry but that means is the problem I described above. Don't waste your time doing something else it will not fly until you fix that problem. I will call you ASAP.
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    H920 St24 Intelligent modes

    Can you post a small video and show me what it's doing when you turn it on. I don't want to give you the wrong opinion on this. But I have this problem before but mine was blinking red and blue every 2 seconds or so and of course a set of beepings. You can put that on youtube or Vimeo.
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    H920 St24 Intelligent modes

    I am really sorry for that but you have a bigger problem than something you can reset and will be ready to go. This happened to me not long ago. Here is what you need to do. Take off the upper shell disconnect all the motors and get a multimeter and check all the fuses. If you find one burned...