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Recent content by Haporta

  1. Haporta

    Q500+ motors

    well like you said" you're not an expert" the motors are not designed to cool itself, the props a little due to their shape.
  2. Haporta

    Motors won't run

    Haha so thrue..:) But is always good to know the workaround instead of "the shortcut" ;)
  3. Haporta

    Motors won't run

    Unable gps: 1-put right slider on mark rabbit 2- hold right stick to the max right 3- while holding right stick to the right; flip mode switch 4 times between angel and smart mode. After each flip of the mode switch, you will hear a tone coming from the quad. And also when you complete the proces
  4. Haporta

    Will a yuneec 4k camera work on a q500+

    yes you can, but you also need the MK *.* (47?) tx module for transmitting life video to your st10
  5. Haporta

    Lose wi-fi connection

    due to the shape of the antenna thats normal.. straight above your head is where the signal is the weakest.
  6. Haporta

    High altitude flying

    straight above your head is where the signal is the weakest, due to the shape of the antenna and the corresponding radiation pattern
  7. Haporta

    Strange lights

    did you install the ESC in the GUI. because ohterwhiles it wont work. If you try to disable GPS. if it fires up, you can exclude some things
  8. Haporta

    aircraft battery voltage

    my lowest voltage ever was 9.7.. at this point the Q landed by itself
  9. Haporta

    Flight setting - > control modes are messed up?

    in the controller you can change mode 2(default) into mode1 by just a click.... sure you guys didnt accidently do that? this will exchange the throttle from left to the right side.. its in the menu "flight settings" and then "mode select" here you can alter it or test it in "hardware monitor"...
  10. Haporta

    High altitude flying

    should make a difference indeed. i'm curious to...
  11. Haporta


    do you have some more details;) does the rotors spin? battery condition etc etc. color of main led (tail, by on/off switch)
  12. Haporta

    Q500+ motors

    its never a good idea to tie a drone down to the ground while spinning the rotors.. the vibrations that occurs cant be absorbed by the drone itself, and so could be damaged.. further more: if the engine that became to warm was a little bit out of level with the others it tries to level and so...
  13. Haporta

    Strange lights

    and in what way has this the do with the Q500 blinking red and white??o_O
  14. Haporta

    IMU / ESC Help Please

    are your problems solved ?
  15. Haporta

    help me rebuild...

    in the upper right corner you see the section where you can install the motor and ESC, just follow the instructions greetings Harald