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Recent content by jannislh

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    St16 v1.

    As far as I know there is no other compatible drone out there. But since the receiver inside the Typhoon H is an ordinary SBUS style (maybe PPM or something else) which can be unplugged and swapped into another drone it should be possible. For example it should not be too hard to install the...
  2. J

    ST16/Ground station Antenna direction question

    The best signal is strength is in a 90° angle to the antenna. The worst in front of its tip. So never point the antenna directly on your model. Usually the best is to point both tips down, then bend them up 45° and adjust them in an angle of about 90° to each other. I hope you understand what...
  3. J

    CGO3+ lens distortion correction

    That is the case. There are actually even more. Very early models even had a threaded lens. I think this was more common on the CGO3 than on the CGO3+. Later models also had several different lenses due to quality issues in on some of them. The latest models did not have such a big distortion...
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    Zoom camera

    You have to replace the entire mount. It is secured with some glue as well but it softens up using some acetone. I recommend to secure the lens in the mount using some non permanent glue. Simply to keep it focused. I used a tiny drop of epoxy resin between the remaining part of the thread and...
  5. J

    Q500 horror flyaway story (with kinda lucky ending)

    Maybe the temperature was an issue... As you pointed out it was very cold I remembered that the first acceleration sensors using MEMS technology used in RC helicopters had to be preheated. But I do not know the exact reason. I only read in the manual of the Futaba GY-520 that blue blinking means...
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    Q500 horror flyaway story (with kinda lucky ending)

    I agree. This behavior is not normal or a common error at all. Nevertheless I experienced something similar when I did something wrong on a self build quadcopter using the APM flight controller. I installed a servo gimbal but connected it in a way which caused to high loads on the voltage...
  7. J

    Typhoon H Plus

    I guess it is supposed for checking if you took all pictures you wanted to and they are in approximately the correct frame.
  8. J

    signal strength and battery ?'s

    Flight time strongly depends on the way you are flying as well as your payload. I admit that you flight time ist not that long but depending on mentioned aspects, it might be all right. Nevertheless the Yuneec batteries are pretty bad and I would not recommend using them. It is not a coincidence...
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    The effect of cold temperature H520 batteries

    Yes there are diagrams like that. Just type "LiPo battery temperature diagramm" into the search engine of your choice and you will find plenty of examples. However it will be hard to find a diagramm specific for Yuneec batteries.
  10. J

    2.4 antennas

    The idea of this change was to move the antenna outside of the cover. This minimises the shielding and also moves the antenna further away from the electronics which might cause interferences. What most would consider an antenna is actually not the antenna itself. On 2,4GHz systems the antenna...
  11. J

    Lipo battery - how to fully discharge for disposal/recycling?

    Why should you do this? All the valuable contents will be lost. I have no idea how battery disposable is organised in the US but in Germany every store selling batteries has to dispose them properly as well. Therefore they are collected in special bins. They get recycled and all the valuable...
  12. J


    I totally agree. I had one mayor incident (without damage) and one crash using non OEM popellers. Do only use original parts.
  13. J

    Drone motors

    A rattling sound is usually caused by worn out bearings. If a magnet is lose it would be more like a clicking sound. But a broken bearing might also cause problems like that. I never experienced a bearing that worn out but it might be possible. Usually you swap them out as soon as you hear...
  14. J

    Drone motors

    It might also be a bad connection or a broken wire. If there is something like a poorly soldered connector or ripped wires, the motors have a tendency to causing trouble while accelerating. Also check if all magnets are in place. Sometimes they get lose which might cause similar problems but...
  15. J

    Alternative lenses for CGO3+?

    You can try something like this: US $10.78 19% OFF|4K Lens 4.35mm M12 1/2.3 It has a little bit more focal length than the original one. The included mount looks like it might even fit. If not, you can order a proper one online. But like I said before: Do not expect any improvement. This lenses...