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Recent content by jemcd

  1. J

    Google Apps.

    I was playing in the ST16 tablet and was looking in google apps, hit some button ,now it is gone? how can I get it back? do I need it for every thing to work, Help!
  2. J

    Who knows the difference between CGO3+ and CGO3

    why would you want to spin the camera to look at yourself? my 3+ works great on the mount from the 500, unless you want superselfe.
  3. J

    turning leds off

    how do you turn the prop mounted leds off? if i open the st16 it has led slider but no on off, i tried to slide it and the lights stayed on
  4. J

    Looking for a h and q500

    I Q500 4K, fore sale, flys awsome it comes with 4 batteries, 2 sets of props, 1 set of cf props, extra landing gear, prop balancing rod, wizzard wand, metal case with wheels, and all the goodies that is included with them, rechargable battery for the steady grip, I just bought a H Pro and need...
  5. J

    Difference between St16 and St16Pro

    I just Bought a H Pro, they sent me a regular H, with 2 antennas, what is the diff. between the reg H and the H Pro besides the H Pro has 3 antenns, they offered me 100.00 and keep the reg ST 16, Or they will exchange the St 16 , What are the differences between The pro and reg kit besides the...
  6. J

    I am thinking about getting a Yuneec 920+ , really good price , 2,000.00 , I understand you...

    I am thinking about getting a Yuneec 920+ , really good price , 2,000.00 , I understand you fly one can you share the pros and cons of this bird? everybody is telling me to stay away from this and go with a H pro, what are your thoughts?
  7. J

    Locator / Tracker

    I use Marco Polo, really awsome 2 mile range
  8. J

    OEM parts for the Typhoon H

    I got mine from Best Buy, call first to see it is in stock
  9. J

    Polar Pro filter set on sale at BB

    I paid 15.00 for my set and got the hard case with them, and delivered to my house free
  10. J

    Polarpro filters cheap at Best buy $19.95

    I just got a set last night , 25.00 with tax, order on line and go pick them up
  11. J

    GPS Tracker

    this is what I use, had a friend take the thingie out in the wood a mile or so, I went right to it we where both amazed how accurate it was,works anywhere! awesome when your bird goes down in a cornfield,
  12. J

    Anyone else's batteries drain rapidly, then come back up when you let off the throttle?

    sounds like a bad batt. check your IR. mine did the same thing, checked the IR, and was high, problem solved
  13. J

    bumpers (prop guards) for the 4k

    I have a set they are Yuneec brand, they are held on with screws, I use them for roof inspections, they work really great for that, kinda a PITA to put on and off, but have saved my bird several times, I do not like the snap on type,if you bump them they can cause you more grief when they come...
  14. J

    gps trackers

    Sorry it was 119.00 or around there, brand new, the Tx was messed up, called the number in the box had a new one a day later, I has a 2 mile range, and it was laying on the ground when I found it,my friend would not give me any help in finding it, but was amazed when we went straight to it, I...
  15. J

    gps trackers

    I use Marco Polo, I had a friend take the Tx out in the woods about a mile away, then I set off to find it, went right to it!! best 100.00 spent, real cheap insurance,