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  • Hi Jules, just replied to your youtube question. Just curious are you having troubles or working on something?
    Hey, thanks for the reply. I wasn't able to manually activate IPS since I installed the module. I was resisting to update from a very old firmware which worked perfectly, but apparently the manual IPS activation was implemented on later versions. After watching how easy it was on your video I decided to update. Thanks again!
    Hi Jules. I saw your YouTube channel and love the "re-enactment" videos. Inquiring about your 3D model of the Typhoon H. I've scoured the web with no luck. I hope you don't mind if I ask whether you'd be willing to share it with me? I'd be willing to throw some bucks your way via Paypal to sweeten the deal (whatever you think is fair) ? I just want it for some personal/geeky projects I'm working on. Have a good day!
    Hi Tony, sorry for the delayed answer, I've been very busy! Yes I modeled the aircraft myself based. Since it's a model I'm still working on and I'll be actively using I can't provide it as is. However if you're into 3D stuff I can provide you with a low poly reference model to help you work on your own model, no charge. How about that?
    Hiya Jules...thank you so much! That would be great! please let me know what's the most convenient method? Could be e-mail, or dropbox. If it's a Max model, I'm sure the mesh file is small in size yes? Thanks again sir...much appreciated
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