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Recent content by JulesTEO

  1. JulesTEO

    6 mile traffic jam in Mexico City

    This is a brief clip I recorded a couple of months ago in Mexico city during a traffic jam in one of the most important roads of the city. What is visible here is about 1 mile out of the total 6 mile line of vehicles. This jam caused saturation of alternates routes. It was pretty chaotic to...
  2. JulesTEO

    Typhoon H indoor shoot

    I performed a flight just like this and the best tip I could give, as others have already mentioned, is to do it only if you are already comfortable flying the H without gps Also try to keep it close; the black body gives a lot of presence on the sky, but can be tricky to see indoors. It's...
  3. JulesTEO

    Rooftop Helipad flight

    Hello everyone, just wanted to share this brief video with some clips from a flight I performed a couple months ago. (ref. to this thread: flying with Compass magnetic Interference) Unfortunately the cameragirl on the ground wasn't very experienced with the camera so a lot of footage went to...
  4. JulesTEO

    Boeing 737 Passenger Jet Damaged in Possible Midair Drone Strike

    This was here in Mexico. Interestngly enough, this recent December 1st a new aviation law went in effect, which states uav operators require an actual pilot license to operate any uav over 2kg. Operating without a license could be punished with fines up to $400, 000mxn (about $20k usd). As soon...
  5. JulesTEO

    Taking off from Helipad (flying with Compass magnetic Interference)

    Ahh that's the one, the second one I mean. I have never seen it before; I just kept getting the second message before and after take-off (my mind deceived me into reading electromagnetic, but I was too busy focusing on the aircraft at the moment hehe) I wonder why I kept getting the one labeled...
  6. JulesTEO

    Taking off from Helipad (flying with Compass magnetic Interference)

    Hello everyone, I just want to share with you a recent unusual experience. Nothing bad happened, but I found it worth sharing: This did not end up in a crash or anything, so don't expect a picture of a totaled Typhoon H ;) A few weeks ago I had the chance to perform an amazing flight: I was...
  7. JulesTEO

    Finally got a PixAero 3.77 replacement lens

    Sometimes I feel I tend to over-explain things, so here's a breakdown of my recent experience: After testing the PixAero on the air, it turns out the results were a bit.. underwhelming. After replacing lens with original lens mount left side was way out of focus. I decided that I would...
  8. JulesTEO

    2 Motor Fail

    When 1 motor fails (or a prop breaks), the H enters "5-motor emergency mode" at this moment the opposing motor,the one directly on the other side, starts switching directions very fast in order to compensate for the lack of thrust and torque of the failed motor. These starts and stops might...
  9. JulesTEO

    Crash landing

    Ok, I'm no expert but I think I can share a bit of insight about the numbers shown here, The capacity indicated with "mAh" is not an indicator of how much the battery can hold; the term "capacity" can be a little missleading. In the charging information shown, the mAh indicates the rate of how...
  10. JulesTEO

    Finally got a PixAero 3.77 replacement lens

    I did notice that locking the WB at startup was apparently the best, switching between the presets doesnt look right. I don't mind correcting on post as long as the colors are well balanced, footage that will be presented in anyway must be edited anyway hehe. I used to go straight for the...
  11. JulesTEO

    Finally got a PixAero 3.77 replacement lens

    Not a new topic by far, but still I wanted to share with you that I finally decided to upgrade to the PixAero 3.77mm lens. I was a bit reluctant because I had to purchase directly from the manufacturer in Russia (and Mexican postal service leaves a lot to be desired). However, everything went...
  12. JulesTEO

    3 color plastic cover

    Ok so, That is the stock lamp cover for units without the RealSense module. It has to be removed to install the RealSense module. The RealSense module replaces the stock lamp cover; it literally sits on its place on the rear part of the aircraft. Your aircraft already has RealSense installed...
  13. JulesTEO

    Older Typhoon Update

    Yes, if you just purchased and installed a RealSense module and update your firmware to the latest the H will perform just as if it had the RS installed from factory.
  14. JulesTEO

    IPS Automatically kicks in during landing

    Yuneec literally instructs that OA must be off before landing: