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Recent content by julyuse

  1. julyuse

    Yuneec took good care of me and my Q!

    So, I crashed my brand new Q500+ 2 days after I got it due to one of the front prop flew off at about 90 feet up. Broke the front arm, gimbal and cam. Called Yuneec and was given a Return Authorization. UPS it from NC to CA and was received and logged in on April 6. It was not serviced by a...
  2. julyuse

    Prop flew Off

    2nd day I flew my brand new Q500+, front left prop flew off from 90 feet high and needless to say, it dropped free fall damaging the gimbal and 3 props. Sent it to Yuneec and after a week, I got an email from Yuneec with a case #, that was April 6. One week later, I called and was told it hasn't...
  3. julyuse

    Newbie Crash

    Hey Big Anthony, how long did the repair take place on yours? I sent mine for repair after it crashed when one of the propeller snapped off. I got an email from Yuneec with a case number a week ago and I'm just curious on what is the typical turnaround and what others had experienced.