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  1. K3CFPV

    CCC editor online - Version 1.7C

    It was meters vs yards that caused the crash of a Mars lander awhile back if I remember correctly.
  2. K3CFPV

    Get a level and a compass

    I've read that when doing the compass calibration, one should do it without the CGO3+ attached to minimize interference. However, this seems a bit counter-intuitive to me as it's flown with the camera and one would think it should be calibrated the same way it is flown. Not having a cell phone...
  3. K3CFPV

    CES 2017

    Great news - Yuneec will release a SDK in the 2nd qtr of 2017. Now we can really get to work integrating non Yuneec stuff.
  4. K3CFPV

    SOLVED: Typhoon H Pro (Realsense) Flyaway

    Sorry if I seemed harsh, but I went by the Google map Webdster did of the flight log which showed the flight location starting in a parking lot south of the park. You said you were over a mile away, but the Restricted Area has a radius of 3 nm. I was just trying to help educate folks on safe...
  5. K3CFPV

    SOLVED: Typhoon H Pro (Realsense) Flyaway

    You were lucky. Not only in still having your H, but you were in FAA Restricted Airspace. The Disneyland Theme Park is designated as National Defense Airspace out to a radius of 3 nautical miles. See NOTAM FDC 4/3635. It restricts all aircraft including unmanned and remote controlled up to an...
  6. K3CFPV

    Typhoon H Google Maps due Jan 2017

    I was at the DC National Drone Show and Yuneec was there also. Played around with the Skyviews and the new CGOET. Yuneec said to watch CES 2017 (just less than a month away). There will be lots of things released by them that they hope will not only fill the perceived gaps with DJI, but jump...
  7. K3CFPV

    ST16 tripod mounting plate

    Have the prop thrust measurement project to do (another thread). Maybe after the upcoming holidays, I may make a couple and get folks opinions. Will keep both of you in mind. Don't know what a price would be, my time is not the issue, mostly the cost of the Al plate and the standoffs. Stay tuned.
  8. K3CFPV

    ST16 tripod mounting plate

    CVO Larry, If you look on the back of the ST16, you will see access holes for the screws. Two on the top and two on the bottom. The top ones are further apart than the lower ones. The standoffs on the plate just slide into the holes. It holds the ST16 well but is not designed to keep it...
  9. K3CFPV

    ST16 tripod mounting plate

    Here's my plate done in aluminum with Al standoffs. When off the tripod it fits in my hardcase with the pegs down.
  10. K3CFPV

    Intel RealSense Module preorder

    Just got my shipping confirmation from Vertigo Drones. On it's way. :p
  11. K3CFPV

    Maytech Carbon Fiber props for the H

    I'm going to get a set of these CF props and add them to the batch I'm currently testing. When done, I'll be posting prop curves showing thrust vs. current. The best prop is the one that gives you the needed thrust for the lowest current draw - unless noise is a major issue. Stay tuned.
  12. K3CFPV

    Fell victim of the smart circle of death :/

    Since there is a GPS in both the ST16 and the H, it's feasible for it to be able to recognize when you are too close to the H to safely take off in Smart Mode. Why not override Smart Mode until it gets far enough away and then default back to Smart Mode? That would help prevent these types of...
  13. K3CFPV

    Which antenna for ST16 to ST16+ upgrade

    There are guides out on the benefits of upgrading a ST16 to a ST16+ (moving the internal antenna outside). I called Yuneec about purchasing either a set of antennas for the ST16+ (the 2.4GHz seems to have gone from the typical mushroom to what looks like a PCB version) or purchasing just the...
  14. K3CFPV

    ST16 tripod mounting plate

    ArnhemAnt, thought of that but my problem would be that my ST16 wouldn't then fit back into my hardcase. With 3/4" pegs (and the holes being slightly tapered), it's a sturdy mount unless you are laying on your back. Cutting the first one from Al later this week. Will post pictures and do a...
  15. K3CFPV

    ST16 tripod mounting plate

    I did print one on my Replicator 2X but we had problems with the pegs breaking off. I rather not have my ST16 fall and then have to repair/replace it. The stresses and strain on the pegs and the tripod plate and how it attaches are the weak points. Also, the plate doesn't actually touch the...