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Recent content by Mikieh

  1. Mikieh

    H just flew away ?

    You are one of the lucky ones. I lost my H Pro in the forest and could never find it. I decided to use a “range extender” for the first time and quickly lost signal with a rapid descent to follow. 3 safaris into the woods and no luck. As Charlie Brown would say”AAAAARGHHH!!!
  2. Mikieh

    Power loss resulting in spectacular deconstruction of C23

    Lots if beautiful shots and great video. The music takes you back to ancient Wales. Good job!
  3. Mikieh

    A better gimble

    There is YouTube video on the H plus “zoom feature” feature. The pilot was quite impressed with it . 8x digital zoom. Check it out. If you have the plus you have that feature. I’m rockin the DJI mavic 2 zoom. It does the job. Of course My Typhoon H doesn’t take a back seat to any drone. Cheers!
  4. Mikieh

    Swollen but balanced battery

    Don’t trust your batteries. They will discharge quickly if they look like what you described. I lost my h trusting a swollen battery that still charged to the correct voltage. It showed full, went out about 300 yard then dropped into the forest. Not enough juice to return to home. Never again.
  5. Mikieh

    Help! J1 not responding fully

    This vid from YouTube explains it all. If your sticks are sluggish or not showing 100% you have to clean them with contact cleaner. You can open it up or try from the outside but it is pretty easy to do. Any hardware or hobby shop will have the cleaner. I opened up my St16 to do it and solved...
  6. Mikieh

    ST16 Issues....

    You will need to upgrade the controller software if you have installed that third antenna. I think I had to when I installed mine.
  7. Mikieh

    Ack! I just bought a Typhoon H and got hosed! :(

    There are YouTube videos on how to lubricate your st16 pots. The advice worked for me. You might try to part it out, but make sure it will fly with your controller first. The drone probably went down because the controller wasn’t working right. Personally I would go with the DJI Phantom 4 or a...
  8. Mikieh

    H Gimbal Mount Question

    Yeah, my 2 cents. Never had a hard landing or crashed my Typhoon h. But.....When you have to calibrate your gps you put a big strain on that gimbal when you keep turning it in an inverted fashion as you must do. I attached 2 small zip ties to the gimbal mounts with no pins. I thought about...