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Recent content by mmg_walter

  1. mmg_walter

    Flying over water

    I think there's some confusion here... the bigger Yuneec Typhoon-class drones, like DJI Phantoms and above, navigate using GPS, magnetic compass and, in some cases, radar. No water issues! But the OP was referring to a Spark, which, like a Yuneec Breeze, is called a "selfie drone" -- less...
  2. mmg_walter

    U.S FCC Unhappy with HobbyKing

    And if any of those purchased systems are used for commercial drone operation, that's an additional violation. The Amateur service is exclusively noncommercial... surprised they didn't tack on an extra fine for that.
  3. mmg_walter

    Drone incursions into restricted airspace

    As with so many things in life, we can't be the first ones to be faced with this kind of problem. We should look to the experience of others. At risk of admitting membership in yet another incredibly nerdy community... we amateur radio operators, also highly trained and with difficult-to-get...