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  • Hello Pat, I just bought the H520E, lost on how to use this controller. I can't find a video anywhere on YouTube, Can you help me.
    Hi Pat, I hope that you are well and clear of the virus, going mad over here. I am looking at the new ublox module ZED-F9P it makes an rtk system. I wonder if anybody on the forum would have any knowledge or know somebody with the knowledge. It would help us with 1 cm accuracy and they are a lot cheaper than buying the 520 with it on , that's right it is still coming out. Johnno Hennessy.
    I am thinking about getting a Yuneec 920+ , really good price , 2,000.00 , I understand you fly one can you share the pros and cons of this bird? everybody is telling me to stay away from this and go with a H pro, what are your thoughts?
    Pat second request for help different issue posted in Typhoon H help section. : New Typhoon "H" has curved (uncorrected lense) issue out of blue. Many thanks droneman
    Pat I just posted "New CGO3 Steady Grip & Battery won't charge or run the unit" in the Steadygrip forum and would appreciate your input please
    Hi Pat. The noise went away. Next time I flew it was okay until landing. After that every time I moved the right slider from turtle to rabbit it will make the noise so I did the calibration again followed by a compass calibration and the noise stop. I decided to catch instead of landing and the noise came back. Now it makes the noise at around the mid point of the right slider. Any ideas. Thank you, Fred
    I can not explain it better because the forum only allows 420 characters max. Thank you

    Thanks for the suggestions and comments. I have also used my drone when property owners have called us to report the possibility of a Marijuana Grow. We always contact the landowner if we suspect they are not involved and in most cases they are not. I then fly the farms with their permission and have identified marijuana plants and have taken photos to indicate and identify their entry routes to the crop.
    Keep up the good work! My kids and son in law are either LE or DA's.
    B Scott
    B Scott
    The thermal camera would prove VERY handy for finding weed grows. One of the techniques the police use here is to do some chopper runs after a sudden snowfall and look for roofs where the snow has melted straight away from the heat of the grow lights.
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