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Recent content by PPIdroneuser

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    H520E Battery New Design

    I would guess that, at least in the US, there's some law that makes them list if it's Lithium Ion vs LiPo due to the stability difference between the 2 types. The old lithium ions were much more prone to rapidly combusting, is my understanding, and considering how garbage 3 of the 5 batteries...
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    What is up with battery form factor?

    Try Yuneec Skins, they sell parts for Yuneec Drones. YUNEEC SKINS Make sure that's the correct battery and they only have 1 in stock. I've also used an external battery to extend life plugged into the micro USB port but I'd only use that in emergency, otherwise you'll have to eventually replace...
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    H520 SD Card problems

    I recently had a problem with my H520 in mapping missions dropping the photo collection in mid mapping and I've recently started using the scan disk extreme memory card. Worked fine once then started having issues and then I noticed that it was saying that the memory card was not detected...
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    I think I've learned something useful ?

    I've had to spray the H520s dual charger buttons with contact cleaner to get them to work properly before, you may also try that if it's only working on the long hold. Yuneec products seem to have issues with moisture.
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    import missions from SD card

    I've learned to always take electrical contact cleaner with me when I fly the H520. Fixes most of its issues from controller issues to battery charger issues... ;)
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    H520 update

    Yes, the version I currently have (not sure which) has ROI (Region Of Interest) and in the survey tab has corridor survey as well as a structure survey. I just used the ROI and it basically tells the camera to lock onto a GPS coordinate (doesn't follow objects). You upload it like a mission...
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    Should I go or should I stay?

    I agree completely. I've had so many issues with the H520 and it's controller and absolutely no response from Yuneec when I contact them, I don't think I could ever justify buying from them again or trusting their service. I've already been looking at other drone manufacturers for when our H520...
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    What is up with battery form factor?

    Has anyone tried replacing the micro usb port on the ST16s100? Mine is starting to get a bit finicky and on longer flight days I plug it into a charging brick to keep it topped off.
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    H520 RTK News?

    You could stop waiting for Yuneec and go with Emlid's RTK/PPK system and it would probably be cheaper than the Yuneec RTK upgrade. I've seen an H520 with one hooked up on it so it's definitely doable. You would then have the option to transfer it to another drone in the future, say Yuneec went...
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    Any Firmware Issues

    I've had the same issue, it freezes when it gets high in the picture count I've noticed but it does continue on its path.
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    Weather Proof flying.

    Though I know I'm on a Yuneec Forum, you may want to consider looking into a Swellpro drone. They have waterproof drones with payload release and night vision cameras for a decent price ($1,000-$2,500 US currency, depending on payloads and drone). Then you wouldn't have to worry about it...
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    Would you please give me some advice on survey programming with my H520?

    Stephen, The controller battery is an issue but you can use a cell phone charging brick to help keep the charge on the controller up. I recommend starting with a full controller battery and plug in the cell charger before you start because I've noticed the controller will still drop some...
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    H520 Mapping - Sweetwater Section N

    Looks good, how many battery swaps did this take and what elevation did you fly? We just purchased an Emlid system for GCPS, did you use a Reach M module on the drone for PPK corrections? If so was it hard to set up?
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    Typhoon H Plus Issues

    Not sure if you can do this on the H Plus (I use an H520) but check the controller calibration on startup, you may need to calibrate it. I've also seen some posts about the ST16 controller having some hardware issues if it persists. Hopefully you won't have that issue.
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    Did cold batteries cause this problem? What now?

    If you're not going to be using the batteries within a week to a month you should store them with about 60% charge. This is because Yuneec's batteries are not smart batteries so they won't discharge slowly with time. I believe the swelling is from the change in environment causing a fully...