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Recent content by Ric B

  1. Ric B

    H batteries.

    Got my H battery from YuneecSkins on Monday, charged it up because I thought I might get to fly the next morning, but between weather and work haven't had a chance to fly, so put it back in storage charge (took 3.5 hrs from full, guess I never did that before). I'll let you know as soon as I get...
  2. Ric B

    Yuneec Batteries

    1 H battery Ordered! Thanks John!!!!
  3. Ric B

    Yuneec Batteries

    I assume the bags aren't necessary for ground shipping, I'm just 470 miles south of you.
  4. Ric B

    Yuneec Batteries

    My H is now grounded due to all batteries puffed, plus IR values around 20, less than 5 minutes for most. Best I can get is about 8 minutes out of one of them, so it stays low and nearby. Will definitely buy a couple as soon as you have them! Appreciate all you do for us.
  5. Ric B

    Looking for good battery source - Typhoon H

    Check this thread: https://yuneecpilots.com/threads/yuneec-batteries.20920/
  6. Ric B

    USA - Bad drone legislation in the US

    Agree that the big problem is that most will not fly with a spotter (or even know they are supposed to, don't know what the instruction manual says). I did see a review that showed one of the features was the pause button, which nearly instantly stops the drone, appeared to work very well and...
  7. Ric B

    Refurbished yuneecs.

    It says 90 days.
  8. Ric B

    Refurbished yuneecs.

    This popped up on my Facebook feed today, don't know if it's real or not. Typhoon H
  9. Ric B

    Pitch and Putt

    Nicely done. Not sure if it would be allowed, but if there are no people around, a shot taking off from a tee and flying like a ball would be cool.
  10. Ric B

    "Puffed" batteries - disposal source

    Thanks, there is one near me in California, and I have batteries to dispose of. I'll check it out, California tends to have rules different than the rest of the country........ :-(
  11. Ric B

    Has anyone found a way to "repair" Typhoon H arms?

    Based on the post above yours, you should be able to remove the two ends. And I know I've seen other posts that carbon fiber tubes are available. This one I think: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=SHINA+3K+Roll+Wrapped+10mm+Carbon+Fiber+Tube&ref=nb_sb_noss
  12. Ric B

    Battery for H480

    Use the spyglass icon in the upper right to search for H480 batteries. Many threads on the subject. Here's one solution: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Yuneec-Typhoon-H-Battery-Conversion-Adapter-LiPo-LiHV-6-8000mah-XT90-Upgrade-Kit/264219274239?hash=item3d84b22bff:g:O~AAAOSwoSNceNq8
  13. Ric B

    How cool is this!

    A bit smaller than what we fly, but..... https://fstoppers.com/documentary/drone-disguised-hummingbird-captures-incredible-footage-monarch-butterfly-swarm-480714?fbclid=IwAR0Vy_fC9i_OHQRg3SugXSEBCWGnyg5aUiBYJXdfghG1p22sbu4TYI3BJKI
  14. Ric B

    Time lapse issue

    So true. I was a field service engineer for many years working on small main frames and peripheral devices, and then PC's when they first came out. Can't tell you how many problems I fixed just by reseating boards.
  15. Ric B

    Time lapse issue

    Note that you can test the landing legs out of the aircraft on the bench. Easy to remove, then with a 9v battery you can cycle them. 3 contacts, one is common, the other two make the motor run in each direction. I know there is video somewhere, but can't seem to find it right now. (EDiT: See...