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Recent content by Rmuñoz

  1. Rmuñoz

    Merry Christmas to all

    Merry Christmas. Hope everyone had a fun holiday.
  2. Rmuñoz

    Battery door on q500

    I think this is the link to the part you need https://yuneecskins.com/all-products/ols/products/q500-series-battery-door-latch-assembly-yunq500118
  3. Rmuñoz

    The Rogue river.

    No problem Click here
  4. Rmuñoz

    The Rogue river.

    Thank you ! The song is something I had been working on for a while that just sorta fit. Serendipitous my wife would say.
  5. Rmuñoz

    The Rogue river.

    Here is a little vid I published before all the fires. Music by me. Please enjoy.
  6. Rmuñoz

    Worst crash story

    Lol......i have definitely crashed numerous times...with a $29.99 drone I used to train with....but never* knock on wood* my 4k drones.
  7. Rmuñoz

    Drawing attention

    Howdy all, So 90% of the time when I am piloting my q5004k it always draws curious bystanders. I am always happy to answer questions and explain how I am piloting, let them see the display on the remote and so on. I hope that doing these things will help inspire folks to explore...
  8. Rmuñoz

    Hi folks

    Hello and welcome
  9. Rmuñoz


    Very cool ?
  10. Rmuñoz

    Video clips not stitched

    I use these guys, the home version video pad and the wave pad for music. Really good and user friendly. Click here
  11. Rmuñoz

    Drone connection

    What are your flight conditions? Are you in a neighborhood or an open field etc. ?
  12. Rmuñoz


  13. Rmuñoz

    Vid of my Daughters Crazy Azz Dog

  14. Rmuñoz

    Airmap office burns down

    It is going to be a long summer
  15. Rmuñoz

    Another project

    Hello again. Just wanted to share another project with more original music by your truly. Enjoy!!!!! Click here