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Recent content by SkyWalkingTheSky

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    UAV Toolbox

    Will UAV Tools come for the H3 too or is my investment totally useless ??
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    ST16S change firmware to work with H3?

    Thanx for a good video it worked fine :) Now just need to find a way to use the newly updated controller in team mode..
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    H3 gimbal calibration?

    My H3 is at Yuneec Germany rigth now for the same error, hope they can fix it and they make a software fix so you can calibrate it via the remote controller like alle other drones i have had. The pictures and the way the drone flyes is the bedst i have had yet. But it seems like the software...
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    Virgin flight with my H3.

    Wow what a day :) 13 degrees celcius 2.4 m/s wind and the sun brigth as ever. So i took my new H3 out for a spin, calibrated compas ( easy it was ), placed it on the ground pressed the red button and of it went. I have an DJI inspire 1 pro to compare the H3 with and i must say this drone is...
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    "How to" Turn on motor without propellers H3

    Can i test the motors with out having to mount the propellers on my H3 ???
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    Do i have to use my Cancel order "Card"

    I have ordered The H3 drone last nigth. I did this because i wanted to get out of the DJI hells off nothing can be reused if i upgrade. Is it the same here ??? my Q's are. Can i use H+ batteryes on the H3 ? Can i Use ST16S controller from 520/H+ as team controller 2 ?? Will there come an ID...